{ Transcendence Music Festival 2014 }

Transcendence had a purpose, which was to integrate community together to celebrate love, life and self expression through art and yoga. This festival was put together to co-create artistic expression with one another. There are many ways to express different kinds of art, especially ones that touch us in a deep way. The many expressions of art that people wanted to share included live painting, spinning poi, or learning aerial yoga. There was something to be shared and learned from one another. Even when the Police shut down the festival, we all still had purpose to learn from one another there.

The location was not tucked behind any mountains, and not placed in the heat of a desert. Camp Pollock was in the middle of the city of Sacramento and very easy to get to. I was relieved to see the green grass and trees upon my arrival. This meant no dust in my eyes, and I could spend some time lounging in the shade comfortably. 

When the stages got shut down, people rounded together at campfires and drum circles. It was a time to share stories of travel, passion, freedom, love, life and art. I brought my guitar to the campfire, and enjoyed the conversations and connections I was making with the people around me.

The next morning, more and more people started to leave Camp Pollock. The people who stuck around to help clean up, were the ones who really got something out of the transcendence festival. For me, it was about the human spirit connecting with the others without distraction.

We all arrived as strangers, but left as family.

Slip and Slide Transcendence 2014 Camp Pollock

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