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September 9th 2019

Day 164 / 365 || Week 25

This was exactly what I needed to walk upon today.

“It’s not the friends you meet, it’s the people you meet on the path that make it worthwhile”.

Although I love my friends, its been a difficult journey keeping a few in my life lately.

September 10th 2019

Day 165 / 365 || Week 25

A night out in the city. Marshall Law Band played at Chop Suey in Capitol Hill, and they killed it. Then the night took me to South Lake Union to have some unexpected tacos and great company on a friends rooftop with a view, with conversations that steered in many mind altering directions. It’s night like these that I really do love this city so much. Summer is coming to a close here and having that fleeting feeling of seasons here gives me a sense of gratefulness to have been a part of it in this lifetime.

September 11th 2019

Day 166 / 365 || Week 25

From getting out of the city to go hiking up Rattlesnake ridge to going back into the city checking out the baseball scene.

From the looks of the land from the top I know why this is called the Evergreen State, with miles and miles of trees covering all the mountains in each direction. From the looks of the stadium I know why the Mariners have never only won a world series.

We did do the American things today. We came, we saw, we conquered.

The most surprising thing…. the Mariners actually won. What a wild 24 hours….

September 12th 2019

Day 167 / 365 || Week 25

I’ve been playing tourist, tour guide and photographer this week. It feels nice showing someone my city again, making it feel fresher than it has in a long time. Along those lines there are now many more memories that have been stored and replayed in my mind from these outings. One season ends as another one starts, just like those chapters people keep talking about. I think I may be ready for it this time.

September 13th 2019

Day 168 / 365 || Week 25

It’s been real. It’s been fun. It’s been real fun.

But really, it’s been a lot of things.

September 14th 2019

Day 169 / 365 || Week 25

Today I woke up half expecting I would go to a job, to work for a company that I was wary about. I learned some information that just hovered over my conscious and I had a hard time wanting to stick it out. Ultimately I decided that instead of going to this one day off job, which brings communities down, I made the move to go on an a trip to Port Townsend with my band fam, which builds communities up, together.

One of the brothers who is a long time family friend was throwing his big 5 0, good ole Papa Bear as we call him. A gang of us caravanned from Seattle together, took the music gear and the crew on a ferry and drove through the back woods to the birthday boys off grid getaway. It was in the middle of nowhere and we couldn’t have been any happier to celebrate with him at his lovely abode.

We all put our hands in to add to the ambiance of the night ahead. With rain headed our way we needed to make sure that the tents were put up, decorations to go underneath, and the music gear was secure and safe from any downpours. It did rain, but only enough for a good rain dance to ensue upon the tight knit crowd. With a fire pit near, we warmed up around it, with jokes upon jokes, hugs upon hugs, laughs upon laughs, I think we made sure to make sure that 50 felt like the best age anyone can ask for. We are so lucky to have each other.

Oh yeah - One big joke that came out of this - FUCK YA KEITH! (Were making t-shirts)

September 15th 2019

Day 170 / 365 || Week 25

It’s when the morning comes that I really have an immense appreciation for my people. Papa Bear made us coffee and breakfast then we tore everything down. It really feels like a production of love when you see everyone who helped build it up in a few hours and then the next day all take it down together. We say our farewells to this beautiful land that we all got to stay on with each other for the evening. Then we spent half the day trying to get our shit together (as usual when it comes to all of us traveling with each other), to try to make it on the ferry and head our separate ways back home.