Reflections & Intentions

Hi there! My humblest welcome to you. Thank you for being so kind in coming to check out my newest creative passion project - Reflection & Intentions

Over the last 5 years I have been traveling the globe, taking photos of people, places and things and I have come to realize that nothing on this planet ever remains the same. We as people change over time, places get remodeled or torn down and everything has an expiration date, which includes me and you. It leaves me to think about how much time we have on this earth.


“I aspire, to inspire before I expire.”

I once read the quote above back in 2015, when it was written upside down on a container that sat on the grounds of an inspiration place filled with graffiti all around - called The Hope Outdoor Gallery, once sitting on the down-slope of castle hill in Austin Texas.

When I looked up and read this quote, it seared into my mind forever. I thought to myself that with that mentality I could change how people look at the world. I could help people turn their dreams into reality with the images I took and the writing that followed the picture. I was now inspired myself to get into gear and take action.

I am going to be honest though… once social media started to come around, where Instagram models and companies of many sorts became the norm, I felt that my work was inadequate. That nobody seemed to care too much about what I was thinking, doing, saying, feeling. I stopped posting my work when I thought it was imperfect, and when I thought that my social media accounts weren’t getting the attention. This was especially the times where I put a lot of work into it and I felt they deserved more. That is where I started to feel like I was letting myself down, along with the people who helped me get to where I was. What I forgot was that it started with my dream first - which was to help share stories of my experiences, to help my questions in life help other people processes their life questions, and maybe that little bit of imagery and thoughtfulness would help someone in someway in their world.

So, here I am. I am here to start this new daily project. I am here to remind myself that this isn’t just here to get likes and to get shares, this is here to help others AND myself. This is here to help me grow and evolve in ways that will not just help me on my career, but also will hopefully inspire the soul. This is a way to show the ways that the world is always changing around me, from the people I shoot, to the places I’ve been, to the aspects of life that are relateable and important, and mostly to the things that just spark that passion in me. This is here to show change. I hope you can see and feel it to.

Some of these days I will be inspired on a deeper level, with a photograph that sparked a thought provoking message, other days will be harder when I know that the writers block is real. I will keep trying. I will keep doing

As a freelance photographer I can vouch for anyone in this career when I say it’s financially challenging. Also know that I am dedicated to this passion project, because art is not what I live for, it’s what I have to do in order to keep me sane. This means it will take a lot of time and effort to photograph, edit, write, design, upload content and share this to the world.

With that thought being behind this project, if you feel inspired by any of this or if you feel your life has been enriched in anyway, please consider contributing a donation below. I am not asking for much, even the slightest amount you can offer is helping this project exist. Even if you don’t, can’t, or won’t, know that I am still okay with that. Know that I am thankful and very appreciative of your curiosity and showing up to see whats next.

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