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May 13th 2019

Day 46 / 365 || Week 8


I think about how people must feel when they finally touchdown at an airport, to a place they have yet stepped foot on. Some people are disheveled, not knowing the local language and having to navigate through a foreign place. Some are thrilled from the fact that they are there to explore a new territory. Some have arrived for work and don’t have much time to play, others have only time to do the opposite.

To think of the ones who are waiting to say Hello again for the first time in awhile, patiently and nervously waiting at the gate for their loved ones to come out, with a bouquet of flowers in their hands watching the escalators intently for that one familiar face. To the family members waiting in a group to finally see their son or daughter who has been serving on a mission for years, or the people who have been in the military returning home into the arms of their relatives, husbands or wives.

To then think about the goodbyes, when people are getting in their last real hugs in for the time being, when you never know if that will be the last. The tears streaming down cheeks while they are faced to each other like reflection and then you hear them say their “I Love You”s, as if it’s from a movie.

May 14th 2019

Day 47 / 365 || Week 8

I have to admit it. I heard from year and year that getting a pair of good shoes is worth it. I never believed it. I am cheap, and I can admit that. When it comes to shoes, I never splurge. I bought these back a couple years ago at a thrift store. I didn’t realize that a pair of $20 Luckys would go this far and still look as good at they do.

These boots have been to many places and countless adventures with me. They have been with me to many jobs around the country, to festivals and the dance floors, to walking on the cobblestone streets in London, to exploring hundred year old castles, walking over canals in Amsterdam, around the historic Bath house in Bath, to hiking in Hawaii and to many many airports.

I now can say that getting a good pair of shoes is worth it. I won’t go wrong with my next pair, whenever that time may be!

May 15th 2019

Day 48 / 365 || Week 8

Work work work work work. I’m still whoring myself out to brands these days. Which means significantly less quality photos from me.

May 16th 2019

Day 49 / 365 || Week 8

Seattle. It’s known for how much it rains here, and you’ve probably heard it a lot. Here is a fact you all can take with you. It’s not true. Sure, some of the months there is a long stretch of gloom to the day, but the rainfall that happens here is not what most people think. Most major cities in the US actually get more rain than Seattle does. You can tell someone is a tourist if they carry an umbrella with them. The rain is mostly sprinkles and not a downpour, so an umbrella won’t help you when the wind is sweeping it right into your face. Most likely the wind will turn your umbrella inside out and you might have to toss that umbrella (and your money) out the window.

May 17th 2019

Day 50 / 365 || Week 8

It’s here folks. People who love to see independent films for the next 3 weeks, now is your chance because there are over 250 films to choose from and I plan to see at least two!

May 18th 2019

Day 51 / 365 || Week 8

A few facts for the day.

  1. I was not in a plane today

  2. I did not take a photo either

  3. Mount St. Helens had a volcanic eruption 39 years ago on this day.

  4. This is not a photo of Mount St. Helens, but you should check out some footage of it here.

  5. This is a shot I took of Mt. Rainier (most certain anyway).

May 19th 2019

Day 52 / 365 || Week 8

Seattle. The emerald city.