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May 6th 2019

Day 39 / 365 || Week 7

Seattle is starting to bloom

My first home, the Pacific Northwest, the Emerald city. There is so many things here that make it what it is. The obvious being Starbucks being the capita of coffee shops, Boeing and Microsoft who have built their business here long ago while Amazon comes in hot and wipes out every little spot of free parking downtown. A musically enriched city with little bands that started here like Nirvana, Sound Garden and Pearl Jam. Maybe you’ve heard of them.

It’s always good to be back in Seattle when the Summer rolls around. The flowers bloom and the people come out of hibernation to play again.…. first the flowers then the people.

May 7th 2019

Day 40 / 365 || Week 7

I have myself a room. I was so excited to get to decorate it. I feel at home in a bed. I have my own space.

This feels really good to call this little room mine, even if its just for a short while.

May 8th 2019

Day 41 / 365 || Week 7

Brie'Ana Breeze Photography & Media - Seattle-8273.jpg

I have this guy to thank for giving me a room to live in and for bringing about another dog friend into my life. I haven’t seen him in 5 years and I hadn’t been able to spend any time with them until today. It felt really nice to walk through a neighborhood and be able to actually feel like a normal person. One who gets to walk around some streets with a dog and just walk and know that I had a bed nearby inside of a house that I get to live in with a room in it that I pay for. It’s wild to think that I THINK that this is what a life in a suburban neighborhood is and I right now am living in it.

 May 9th 2019

Day 42 / 365 || Week 7

Out of the 22 days in a row working, today marks the half way point at day 12. I am in the home stretch before I will be able to take a day to myself and actually stretch. It’s funny what life will bring you when you ask for it. I asked the universe to pile on the jobs, and when I returned to Seattle that is exactly what the universe gave me. Funny enough, I should be asking the universe for more specific things as I know it works. From conference centers, hotels, city streets and neighborhoods, my office has been everywhere… next few stops are airports, more hotels and conference centers for the next events that are filled in my calendar.

Here is to the office space and to some pretty art on the walls of the Motif Hotel. I walked past this artwork, up and down the stairs, many many times this day, giving myself a leg workout that only a stair master would appreciate.

May 10th 2019

Day 43 / 365 || Week 7

Brie'Ana Breeze Photography & Media - Joshua Kendrick-8366.jpg

I have such a heart for musicians. Not just anyone who play at shows, bars, campfires, parties, but mostly for the ones who take their talents to the streets. The buskers who live off the unexpected dollar from the appreciative passerby. It takes a lot to get to this point. To find a corner, to plop all your gear down, to open your case, and to then start playing. It’s one of the most vulnerable places to be.

So as I was working all day at an event I was happy that I got to hear Joshua Kendrick play his music. I threw him what I had in my wallet, along with my business card. At the end of work we were able to talk shop about music, photography and the lives of the hard working creative. His talents were noticed and appreciated.

Brie'Ana Breeze Photography & Media - Joshua Kendrick-8337.jpg

May 11th 2019

Day 44 / 365 || Week 7

My brother from another mother - Mr. Dr. Emery Carl.

After my work day I was walking across this street back to my van and I started to think about my old friend Emery. I thought about his van - Anahata and wondered what he was doing these days. Never have I ever seen Emery’s presence in Ballard, but for some reason I was thinking of him. It was SO STRANGE. 20 minutes after I got off work, as I was waiting for a friend to come meet me, I looked up from my driver seat and saw Emery walking across the same street in the same spot where I was thinking about him, just those 20 minutes prior. I screamed his name and ran up to him so fast that he had to say “BRIEEE, careful, cup is still 3/4 full.” witha huge smile on his face, reflecting my own. As I slowed down to embrace him with a major hug I told him just what I was thinking and what just happened in my mind. We then we got into the conversation of being empaths and how I felt that his energy was really trying to reach me. I even mentioned a quote from him on my photo a day on April 29th!

It is always such a blessing to see this human.

Emery Carl and Anahata - Pike Place Market 2014

Emery Carl and Anahata - Pike Place Market 2014

May 12th 2019

Day 45 / 365 || Week 7

I just love my space. It’s so simple, cozy, and little. I don’t need a lot of room, and I sure don’t want one. If I had something bigger that would mean I would need more things and stuff to fill it up, which I really don’t need. I like my fairy lights, and my tapestry that hangs from the ceiling. That is all I really need right now.