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May 1st 2019

Day 34 / 365 || Week 6


Have you ever thought how much a wish in your life can build you up to your potential? How much it can create magic, and how much a wish can shape how you live with your daily actions and decisions? I need to remind myself that the wishes I have are more then just something I can barely reach for. It is something that I know I deserve because will power and action are another part of the process which turns a wish into a reality.

May 2nd 2019

Day 35 / 365 || Week 6

I am finally getting the 3 part series done from the Thailand Tour video of The High Council. They took me along to document the adventures, shows, and all the shenanigans that went along with the trip. When it comes to editing I feel like it’s a double edge sword. Its rewarding, yet its exhausting at times. Filming is so fun in the moment and I love to capture the shots, but when I have to dump all of it on my hard drives, import it into my program, and then start scrubbing through hours and hours of video, it can be a lot when you have all that time staring at a screen. After that process is done I seem to take a big break in between and I like to think of how I want to lay the story out.

Once I’ve stepped away from a video for awhile I finally get back into the groove and I LOVE piecing it together. This is because I can feel the nostalgia coming back, from the smells, tastes, jokes made, laughs laughed, and music made. It doesn’t feel like as much work as it does when I can step away to appreciate the time I had there. It feels like a new generation scrap book with all these moving images that I get to play around with.

I am now half way through it, and I hope to have it out by the end of the month.

May 3rd 2019

Day 36 / 365 || Week 6

I’m going to be honest. I didn’t take any photos from today. I was trying to figure out what I was going to do.

Instead of being so hard on myself I thought that I would look back on what was going on with me a year ago from this day. When I went back to my photos I had nothing, not one photo. However I did find that I had pieced together a video from this day, on May 3rd 2018. It was for one of my greatest musician friends, David Testa. He and I were recently able to speak on the phone and catch up on life, for almost 2 hours! We spoke about philosophy, what we do with the time that we are given, and what kind of boundaries we are in charge of when it comes to setting up for people around us, ect. He roots me on as I do him, and because of that this is special to me. Thanks for being that guy David!

When I saw that this video was made a year ago, I was not even hesitant of throwing this up on my photo a day project.

May 4th 2019

Day 37/ 365 || Week 6

From one dog pack to another. I have dog friends in many places. Just as much as I can visit my friends, I love to have time with their dogs too.


May 5th 2019

Day 38 / 365 || Week 6

Ive known his beautiful one now for over 5 years, and it was my first time ever stopping in Olympia to visit her. We met at Lucidity when she and I were both working on Branched Mobile Gallery, her building, me documenting. After years and years of consistency she was able to get me to stop on my way back to Seattle. She would keep reminding me that she was from there and the next time I was to drive through, to connect with her. After I had passed Olympia about a dozen times in these past 5 years, her persistence had placed her in my mind. She is one of the most strongest women I know. Strong minded, strong hearted and strong willed.

This day was gorgeous and we decided to go get some bread, cheese and pastries and we took it to go. We found a patch of grass, sat next to the water and did some catching up and chit chat. I am so happy we did. I love her so!