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May 2019 || Week 10

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May 27th 2019

Day 60 / 365 || Week 10

Today was a REALLY great day. South Lake Union was beautiful and so was the company. I got to try paddle boarding for the first time (kinda). I really just sat on the front of Scotts board as he did the paddling behind me. We jumped off a 25 ft pier pole into the water as we both counted down to jump for each other, as other passerby rooted us on. We then paddled out way around the shores of where we parked our little yacht on the dock and went to grab a bite to eat. We did the route again and came back to the original dock we departed from earlier that day and sat down to play music, for HOURS. We wrote some more music and basked in the gorgeous sun that Seattle had to offer for us. THEN I saw this familiar face, whom I hadn’t seen in at least 4ish years. We chatted about how many chapters we had gone through since the last time it was that we saw each other, and both came to the reality of how much time really can change a person, whom you hang out with and how to face life through it all. WHAT A GREAT DAY TO LIVE!

May 28th 2019

Day 61 / 365 || Week 10


It takes a lot of energy to check in with myself. When I say check in I mean spend some time alone. I use to time for the sake of just being with my thoughts. To figure out how I am feeling with my emotions, to working out how I choose to look at what I believe in, to look at any problem of mine and see what choices and decisions should lead me onto the right path.

But what is the right path anyway? Isn’t it just the one we are one right NOW at THIS moment? Why does it take time to look into our selves and say something along the lines of “How are YOU feeling? What can I do for YOU? How can I give YOU encouragement? What actions can I take to make me feel like I am living the best version of me I can be? What course of action is it that helps me be the better version of myself?” If anyone ever calls you selfish for this you should know who not to have in your life.

I thought a lot about how important it is to have these times to ourselves, and how it can really shape us. I found out that my mind was balancing on a slack line of this or thats and to trying to find reassurance of my own path that I am on. Looking within myself is like connecting with a good friend. One that I trust and has my back. These times to reflect are truly a virtue if your asking me.

May 29th 2019

Day 62 / 365 || Week 10

New found friends and home made quesadillas. Life is served. Eat it up while you can.


May 30th 2019

Day 63 / 365 || Week 10

Just like Mario, I don’t know what life has got in store for me, whats above or ahead or beyond, but I am going to keep on going and search for my meaning.

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