Project 365


March 2015


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March 1st 2015

~ Tripod Troubles ~

After using my piece of plastic junk tripod for over a year, the thing finally decided to break on me.

I bought another one on Amazon, and had ordered it to be on my porch next day. Well, because Austin had a week of nasty weather, I didn't get it until today, and I had just been waiting like a kid on Christmas for that package to arrive on my doorstep.

After finding my package on the neighbors porch, I brought it inside, pulled out that new tripod, and thought to myself, “Nice choice” 

And then it broke….. 




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March 2nd 2015


Austin, TX


~ Universal Stares ~

“I have to ask you a question. It's a good one so think about it. 

If two people love each other, but they just can't seem to get it together, when do you get to that point of enough is enough?”

The universe is staring straight at me and giving me some questions to ponder over today. 




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March 3rd 2015

Austin, TX - Firehouse In Clarcksville

~ Firehouse Gifts ~

My walk to downtown consists of passing this firehouse, and it caught my eye one evening with the beautiful blue sky. So today the fire department got a hand delivered gift package from me, included was my photo and a good sign. 






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March 4th 2015

Austin, Texas -- Hope Outdoor Gallery / Castle Hill / Graffiti Park



~ Beanie Trade ~

Today I met a few new friends at the park. Our first encounter start with “Hey I like your beanie”, “Thanks, I like your beanie!”, “Wanna do a trade?”, “Why the hell not.”

And that is how to trade beanies with a stranger. 101. But I can' stop to think about maybe that was why I had lice that one time.. Oh Brie, the things you do to get a cool story, and make new friends. 





{ 92 / 365 }

March 5th 2015

Austin, TX




~ Sun Exposure ~

Today my eyes had seen sun, but it was my soul which soaked it all up. I need that, I really, really needed that. The vitamin D I got today dried out that mini depression puddle that was accumulating from the rainy weather from these past few weeks. 





{ 93 / 365 }

March 6th 2015

Austin, TX


~ Hangovers ARE real ~

I had a few drinks the other night, and I have officially figured out with a real hangover is. I was feeling it the next morning. Does this mean I can start to say I am getting older?  





{ 94 / 365 }

March 7th 2015

Austin, TX - The Mohawk


~ Sold Out Show ~

Wild Child was playing, and I didn't bother in buying a ticket online. I thought I'd be lazy and just buy one at the door. Opps. 






{ 95 / 365 }

March 8th 2015

Austin, TX


~ Location Location Location~

Where am I? Guess that Place. 






{ 96 / 365 }

March 9th 2015

Austin, TX 



~ A Brie’s Best Friend~

Fenix Pupppy! This dog is a highlight of Austin so far. If you know me, I’ll always tell ya, your dog will be my best friend. 






{ 97 / 365 }

March 10th 2015

Austin, Texas -- Hope Outdoor Gallery / Castle Hill / Graffiti Park

~ Do you aspire to anything? ~

I saw this quote today, and I fell in love with it. I absorbed this motto into my life as soon as my eyes laid upon it, when I looked up, and it was written on the ceiling right above me. This makes me want to do more, to see more, and to be more. Then it makes me want to replace the word more, with good. 





{ 98 / 365 }

March 11th 2015

Austin, TX - Austin Java

~Coffee Shop Cravings~

Working at coffee shops is something I crave. Just like when pregnant women crave chocolate, it’s something I have to consume myself with. The atmosphere, the possibilities of great encounters, but mostly, to spend some time to myself while doing productive things. So…that makes me happy, oh and did I forget to mention the caffeine? 




{ 99 / 365 }

March 12th 2015

Austin, TX - Medici Caffee in Clarksville



~ Topo Chico ~

I hardly ever buy bottled water. In fact, I didn’t even buy this Topo Chico Mineral Water. The tap water here smells like a concoction of mildew and dirt, and it becomes very potent as soon as it starts pouring out. 

Even though the water here in #ATX is comparable to Mexico’s, I still won’t budge on buying any water in a bottle. 





{ 100 / 365 }

March 13th 2015

Austin, TX - Easy Rider Pedi Cab Shop

~ Envisioning Day 100~

Day number 100, and I am sitting in a pedi cab shop typing this up. I am watching the hard working pedi-cabbers come in and out, hear the kind of stories they have to tell from their passengers and riders.

Hanging out in a pedi cab shop is one of my favorite things to do in life, and some of my favorite people on this planet are in the biz.

Last year for SXSW I walked past a certain shop. It was full of cabs in the street, and people hanging out on them bumping the music and chillin. This was definitely the cool place to be. 
Here I am, one year later, reflecting on day #100 of this project.

I like to think the envisions that pop into my head come true, even when I am not directly asking for what I would want to do.

BTW - this is a haircut book from the 70's. Super entertaining. 



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March 14th 2015

Austin, TX - Fair Market


~ SXSW 2015 ~

Its official here. It’s time to say hello to tired feet and a tired mind. Day 2 






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March 15th 2015

Austin, TX - Fair Market


~ SXSW 2015 ~

The Fair Market in the morning. Such a difference from last night’s photo. Good day for a Sunday stroll.#SundayFunday






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March 16th 2015

Austin, TX - 6th Street





~ Statue for days ~


This statue girl makes me feel like home. Busking for crowds can be tiring, and she has it all pulled together. The dirty 6 can be rough, but it seems like she’s had much practice out here. Much love goes out to her. Get it girl! 




{ 104 / 365 }

March 17th 2015

Austin, TX - 6th Street


Starkey grabbed the attention of the SXSW goers with his beautiful piece that he had created at the LOVE ON  REVOLUTION station on Red River and 6th.

You can check more of his work at the graffiti wall for the re-create today! 



{ 105 / 365 }

March 18th 2015

Austin, TX - East Side


3:30 am ~

This is what Austin looks like at 3:30 am. The last ones out are those pedi cabbers, getting it. I think I may try this out one day. SXSW 2016? 



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March 19th 2015

Austin, Texas -- Hope Outdoor Gallery / Castle Hill / Graffiti Park

~Unsettled Differences~

This one drives me crazy. In so many different ways. 

This is a repayment for the undeserved grumpy days! 




{ 107 / 365 }

March 20th 2015

Austin, TX - Easy Rider Pedi Cab Shop

~ Breaking the Rules ~

Who says sparklers are only used for 4th of July, or are limited to outside use? When SXSW comes along, all rules seem to become broken anyhow. 



{ 108 / 365 }

March 21st 2015

Austin, Texas  -- The Trophy Club

~ Fictionist ~
I wanted to shoot at the least, one band for SXSW this year. I didn't take on any promotional jobs, for a few reasons, but mostly it was because I wanted to get a lot of my own content at the event. I told myself I wanted to shoot for some bands, and some sets, but towards the end, I hadn't shot for any, and I was getting discouraged. 

During interactive, I met two fellas who hopped on a random party bus to go check out this promotional party. I interview them about why they jumped on. On the way over there, I learned they were from a band called Fictionist, and they were from Utah. They were here to play at SXSW. Later in the week they needed a photographer to shoot for one of their shows. 

I was able to make it out, even running through the rain and the wind to get downtown to shoot the set. 

I did it – I shot for one band – I met my goal. 



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March 22nd 2015

Austin, Texas -- Hope Outdoor Gallery / Castle Hill / Graffiti Park

~Missing the Re-create~
I missed the recreate during SXSW, and I was really bummed. Really bummed. It was to the point of jealousy when I thought about how cool it must had been. I was afraid the rain was going to pour down on my equipment on my way over there, from across town.

When I did finally get over there, I found Gents beautiful piece still up and not destroyed. I was happy to see something untouched. Nice work brother! 



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March 23rd 2015

Austin, Texas -- Hope Outdoor Gallery / Castle Hill / Graffiti Park

This last week in Austin is going to be a somber one. I got here, not knowing I was going to stay for 3 months. In this time, there have been a handful of people who will have changed me, and will continue to inspire me. I feel more grateful by the hour, to have spent the time I have with all of them.

I have become really close to someone special who gives me the feeling of love and cherishment, and excitement, more and more each day. I am high on life from it.

I am feeling a range of emotion, as if it’s a drug, flowing through my veins, and directly into my mind. But as my friend Mikey Muffins would say – “Fuck it dog, lifes a risk.” 



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March 24th 2015

Austin, Texas - East Side Train Tracks

~Travel Companions~
When I am on my travels, my favorite thing to get are a different pairs of sunglasses, this may be with, or without lenses. I have had a good 20 (cheap) pairs of fun sunglasses this past year, and I try to get a shot of each pair I have had in different places. I’m welcoming this new pair into the life of Brie, I wonder how many miles these shades will travel with me. 




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March 25th 2015

Austin, Texas - East Side Train Tracks

~ Refreshing No Regrets ~

Sometimes when I take a picture, I think to myself “Damn, that photo describes so much in my life, at this moment” 

When I took this photo, I had fallen in love with it. Austin has given me some real surprises along the way, like these beautiful blue bonnets that have shown up out of nowhere, staying here has taught me some lessons. I feel like it has bloomed me. It has made me genuinely happy. 

I have planted a seed here, and I’m not really sure how I can be semi grounded to somewhere, to something or someone, is possible for me. 

I am trying not to think so far into the future, but just enough to feel the comfort in having someone there for me, in a distance of time. It sounds so comforting.

I don’t want to live regrets, because I have found something so beautiful, and it’s just starting to bloom before I leave.
I’m still breathing in this moment. From when I captured it on my camera, right there, to right now. It feel’s refreshing. 



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March 26th 2015

Austin, Texas -- Hope Outdoor Gallery / Castle Hill / Graffiti Park


~ 7 things I will miss in ATX~


1.     The sound, the smell and the sight of spray paint. 





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March 27th 2015

Austin, Texas - Zen

~ 7 things I will miss in ATX~

2. Zen

The first time I had Zen was on my birthday here in Austin. It’s a cute Japanese restaurant, which is a local chain. I always ordered the “School Girl Bowl” but then I had these prawn tacos…. And it happened. Zen became my favorite place all over again. 



{ 115/365 }

March 28th 2015

Austin, Texas

~ 7 things I will miss in ATX~

3. Little Baby Fenix

This dog has been a joy to be around. The best greeting is by this dog, when she is ready to cuddle for those first few minutes walking through the door. Despite her calmness in this photo, she is one of those dogs who hates the camera. She steers away from it as if I was aiming a pistol at her, but she let me take a few before running off. Ohhhh baby Fenix. 



{ 116/365 }

March 29th 2015

Austin, Texas - Brazos and 6th

~7 things I will miss in ATX ~

4. The creations and conversations of Lakey. 

Lakey was one of the first friends I made in Austin. I am going to miss seeing him doing his art on the streets and at the graffiti park, and plopping right down next to him on a city sidewalk, just to chat for awhile. I have enjoyed see the progress in each piece he has made, and seeing him always put me in a pretty good mood. Find him on Instagram @Lakeythe to see his drawings which have probably traveled more than the average joe. 



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March 30th 2015

Austin, Texas  - Zilker Park

~ 7 things I will miss in ATX ~

5. The Zilker Park Skyline

I didn’t discover how wonderful Zilker Park is, until this recent past. The green meadow that overlooks the downtown area scape of Austin, and everyone is welcome. Dogs off leash, kite flying, photo adventuring, I even saw a girl lounging away in her hammock. I would suggest seeing a sunset her a few times a week, because for me yesterday, I was alone at the park, but I was surrounded with people who were there to enjoy their time, with themselves, with their families, with their dogs and kids. It was a much needed time to give appreciation to this city, and to all how I have met. 



{ 118/365 }

March 31st 2015

Austin, Texas  - Halcyon 

~7 things I will miss in ATX~

6. Halcyon

One of the best coffee shops in the city. I spent a lot of time here. Once a friend told me that I might look back, and realize all the time I have spent at coffee shops, and it might make me sad. The only thing that makes me sad is the missed out marshmallow experience. I did work too much in the corner booth, and didn't give myself the chance to enjoy any roasting of the smores. If you're in Austin, go get some s'mores at Halcyon today, in my name.