Lucidity Festival

 ~Kindred Quest ~

If you have ever been to Lucidity, you already know that there is a lot of work, love, and community involved with this festival. I was lucky enough to be on the media team this year, and even luckier to come early to document the build. I cannot emphasize enough on how much collective creative effort is put into this community. Lucidity taught me that with more hands and minds involved, the more love and compassion we can share with one another.

Kindred -  connected, comparable, similar - to one's family and relations. I found my mini quest at Lucidity this year, it was to feel close to as many people as possible. These strangers quickly became my newest extension of family, and I dream a lucid vision of the day I see them all again. 

~ Festival Faces ~

~ Warriors Way ~

~ Goddess Grove ~

~ Lucid Stage ~

~ Branches Mobile Gallery ~

~ Alive Stage ~

~ Family Garden ~

~ Tricksters Playground ~

~ Lucid University ~

~ Pyro Bar ~

~ Temple ~

How did Lucidity change you? What did you learn from this collective experience? I encourage you to write in the comments below!