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June 24th 2019

Day 87 / 365 || Week 14


Another day of painting means another day I don’t have to work an event. After work I actually feel like I have worked for money. At the end of the day my knees hurt and my arms are tired, but it truly feels really good to feel really sore.

June 25th 2019

Day 88 / 365 || Week 14

IMG_0528  -  Brie'Ana Breeze Photography & Media - Cam and Avery Engagement.jpg

Yeah. I know. Another sunset. These lazy shots won’t due in the winter in Seattle, but because it’s Summer now… HELLO LONG DAYLIGHT AND RAVISHING - cotton candy delicious sunsets.

June 26th 2019

Day 89 / 365 || Week 14

This is Zoey.

I met Zoey through her mama while I was working an event near SLU. This women walked up with Zoey and I couldn’t help but give this little one all my attention. As I was petting her, her owner Jen started to tell me this really horrific story about just loosing her other baby Abby, a little frenchie the same age as Zoey here.

She told me she had adopted Zoey and Abby at the same time right after she started to beat cancer herself. She had adopted these two at the same time and thy were raised together for the last 2 years of their lives. The worst part about her loss was that it had happened when she was out of town on a work trip, and it was on the dog sitter watch. I couldn’t imagine coming home and knowing that your memories with that dog are now in the past, and that their will be no present with them anymore. Unforeseen and very heart heavy. How much guilt someone may have after they their dogs lives into that certain someone hands. I had so much empathy for this women and felt how much she was hurting from this.

I told her that if she was looking for a new sitter that I have been dog and house sitting for many years and I had many recommendations I could give her. She is only in town for the summer before she goes back home, and unfortunately for her, her job flies her out of town every week until then, so she has no option but to get another dog sitter. She and I had a meeting and a few get togethers so we could further discuss a plan of action. She felt comfortable with giving me the chance to watch her little sweet Zoey, along with her new addition that will be coming this Sunday, little baby Lilly.

June 27th 2019

Day 90 / 365 || Week 14

I have to admit that I don’t do much cooking. Going from place to place, city to city, and sometimes country to country it was just easier to eat out. From all the traveling I would find it easier to eat out, try different foods made from many different people. It also took less time to grab something and enjoy it wherever I was instead of planning a meal around my day. I also admit that I am not super excited about cooking for myself. It has never been something I really cared for, it never thrilled me. If anything it made me not want to eat once I was done with it all. Kind of like Thanksgiving day, when I already smelled everything cooking all day that by dinnertime I lost my appetite. Food and I get along and when I am hungry I can PUT IT DOWN. I really do appreciate the process, but when it’s just for me I have rarely been motivated to plan, put ingredients together and cook. Lately I have realized that I could be saving so much money, and that I need to start, especially considering I haven’t been on the road in awhile. I am trying.

June 28th 2019

Day 91 / 365 || Week 14

There are a few somethings in this life of mine that is most important to me. Friends and jam sessions are like fresh air to my lungs. When I am surrounded by both I am in a euphoria and I feel that these moments are the reasons that keep me going. I am SO GRATEFUL that I am able to get many talented and beautiful people together, whom I love and appreciate. Who have given me a gift of themselves and who have given me another gift of theirs… their time and attention. Something that money cannot buy, that we cannot get back. What a gift. What a life.

June 29th 2019

Day 92 / 365 || Week 14

Then there was this time were I was invited to go on a random spontaneous trip to Vancouver with this guy. Scott was playing a show at the Red Truck Beer and had whisked me along for the adventure. Most of our time spent was driving, but when we crossed the boarder we couldn’t stop with the laughs, the jokes, the music talk, and our Canadian ascents. Mine is horrible, while he can keep one up without laughing. We spent some time strolling up and down the Harbor View together, he got to put some practice in his music while I got to put some practice into my photography. Although I haven’t been on a huge international trip in a few month, it’s these little adventures that got me content.

June 30th 2019

Day 93 / 365 || Week 14

Today I did something that took me months to do since iv’e been back. I’ve unpacked all my belongings from my bags and put them into drawers. I don’t do that. Well… I guess I didn’t until now. Even when I would stay at certain places for months at time I never bothered to unpack any of my clothes out of all bags because I didn’t want to feel trapped in a way. I didn’t want to have the feeling of settling in. In a way it was because I just wanted to be able to leave on a whim when I wanted, but it also had a bit of the opposite effect as well, where I didn’t want to feel disappointed or rejected from a place I would actually want to call home for a bit. The time is now to unpack and put my clothes into drawers. For how long? I’m not sure. What I am sure about is that I can’t keep living as if I am going to be jet setting again or going on a 6 month road trip around the country, because I don’t plan on it anytime soon. This is home for now and I am okay with that. The next phase will be hanging up photos, but yikes… that is still another dream for another time. For now, here is to a crappy photo with a huge meaning behind it.