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June 2019 || Week 13

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June 17th 2019

Day 80 / 365 || Week 13

It’s my one year anniversary since I randomly stumbled upon Charles Dickens Summer house in Kent, England (Well really a teeny tiny town called Broadstairs). I was just strolling around the neighborhood that was leading up on a curvy cobblestone path, and then BAM there it was, thee Charles Dickens home and abode. It is actually officially called The Bleak House, but back in the day it was known as the Fort House.

I was greeted by a very kind gentleman named Lee. I don’t know the role Lee had, but he made my tea, told me where to go down these seedy stairs that led to the Cellar. He told me that he was going to get my afternoon tea ready while I went for a self guided tour of the history of the house. I found out that the Cellar was used for smuggling all kinds of goods back in the day, and also had a self made prison too. It was really creepy and fascinating. “How the hell did I get here” I kept thinking to myself.

I went back up and Lee directed me to now go upstairs for more. I headed up the old small creaky staircase to a few rooms to check out. The first being a his bedroom, which was to be cleaned up after guests had taken the leave. (Yes you can actually stay in the same bedroom!) The bed wasn’t made but it actually made it feel like it was lived in.

Right next to the bedroom I went into a smaller room which was his office. There was a desk that had a semi-circular window that faced the ocean I sat the very desk that he wrote one of his most famous books, David Copperfield while he peered over the sea Channel. I then went to go have some afternoon tea at the very dining room that was his, where he had his meals at too. This was such an unexpected surprise of a day and one of my most memorable travel experiences I have had while adventuring solo.

June 18th 2019

Day 81 / 365 || Week 13

IMG_0193  -  Brie'Ana Breeze Photography & Media - Wedding Catalog.jpg

When I stopped here so many emotions and memories came flooding back to me. I lived with my mom and my little sister in this apartment when I was in starting out my elementary days, most of those memories were from my Kindergarten to 2nd grade back in 1997 - 1999. This was the last time I really felt like the East Side was in my blood, where it felt like home and not a uppity nose in the air area.

I learned how to ride my bike in this lot. I ride around and around and around the bottom on that staircase. I got my first bee sting walking around barefoot. I watched Titanic for the first time on a double VHS tape that my mom bought me for my birthday. I came home from school with my mother crying on the couch because of the news of columbine. I remember the first time being scared when I accidentally shut the front door on our cat who was trying to escape right behind me. I thought she died, but all she did was pass out for a minute or two. I learned about what death was when my great grandmother got dementia and my family had to tell me what it would lead to. One time when coming home, we saw a news crew parked in the lot, cameras out, and reporting a story about an underage women who was throwing parties in the apartment right above us. I was mortified when my mothers boyfriend at the time yelled at them to get the cameras saying “These are children you are pointing cameras at, at their own home. Get off of the property before we sue you”. I remember all of us walking to to Juanita beach often to have beach days together, which was just across the street.

June 19th 2019

Day 82 / 365 || Week 13

Concentrate and ask again

IMG_0198  -  Brie'Ana Breeze Photography & Media - Seattle.jpg

I am a firm believer on what you ask for is what you get. Yes, sometimes it takes a little more work then just saying or thinking it only once. It takes energy to put that into the universe. Sometimes that energy is you talking to a friend about what you really want, and not just keeping it to yourself. Sometimes it writing it down and taping it up on your bathroom mirror for you to look at everyday until you get what you are seeking. Sometimes it means you have to ask the universe again, because it didn’t really believe you the first time.

June 20th 2019

Day 83 / 365 || Week 13

When your friend asks if you can help him and his team paint a mansion - you do it.

June 21st 2019

Day 84 / 365 || Week 13

Happy Solstice. Just another seasonal reminder that the sun will be out longer, with more light that will be upon our faces throughout the next few months. Natures sun rays and vitamins will bring people out to play again.

June 22nd 2019

Day 85 / 365 || Week 13

I love love. I love the love between these two friends I have known for a very long time. Ones I haven’t seen in years but once I set eyes on them for the firs time in what seems like forever, I see their love is still so strong. They asked me to shoot their upcoming wedding in Hawaii and along side of that their Engagement photos. Here is to LOVE, especially to the ones I love!

June 23rd 2019

Day 86 / 365 || Week 13

When in doubt what to shoot when the day is coming to and end… well this isn’t the worst view you can ask for.

IMG_0529  -  Brie'Ana Breeze Photography & Media - Cam and Avery Engagement.jpg