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June 10th 2019

Day 73 / 365 || Week 12


This photo reminds me of how I looked at situation I was in while I was in Bali. I was sitting on the south end of the island, on a cliff side temple, watching a traditional Balinese dance. When the performance was over everyone in the crowd stood up and was escorted out of the temple grounds. As everyone was walking in a huge group, a few hundred of us, there was chatter all around me from all different types of people and languages from all over the world. I wanted to turn to someone and tell them how much I REALLY enjoyed that performance and how much it touched me, and how bizarre yet entertaining it was. Unfortunately being a solo traveler in these moments just suck, because you realize you don’t have anyone to turn to. Being a solo traveler was SO AWESOME in so many circumstances, like when I don’t have to wander off to somewhere I don’t want to go to when I don’t have the energy, or when it comes to thinking about accommodations for two. However, when it comes to having quality conversation of shared experiences… that’s pretty rough when all you want to do is express yourself and feelings from what you just went through.

While we were all walking back out as a group I started to cry. On one hand I was SO VERY HAPPY that I was able to be there, to watch a traditional cultured dance on the beautiful cliff side temple of Bali, and just being in Bali. On the other hand I was feeling so low that I didn’t have a companion or partner or anyone to turn to, to share my excitement. It was a catch 22.

I was seeing the light and the dark at the same moments at the same exact time. I didn’t know how to process. My mind was so confused. Honestly after that I took out my camera when I got back to my villa because I didn’t know how to process my emotions. My only way was to talk it out to my lens and one day maybe I would be able to watch it and process it all then.

There is lightness in the dark and darkness in the light, and it can happen at the same time before your very eyes.

June 11th 2019

Day 74 / 365 || Week 12

Dayna Dolly


This beautiful QUEEN blessed my camera and posed for my lens. The day was almost just as stunning as she is. I have said it before and I will say it again. The best thing about taking anyone’s photo is their vulnerability and carefree spirit to just be as creative and BADASS as they are. She definitely pulled it off. More drag queens please!

June 12th 2019

Day 75 / 365 || Week 12


This guitar adds a lot of sentimental value. It was the first thing that I bought in my adult life that was going to improve me in the ways that I would have to work towards. I would learn how to play it by putting it in the hands of other musicians. It has many tunes that have flowed through it, vibrating the songs from its strings and directly into my heart, filling my mind up with memories. When I would give this guitar to people I would feel inspiration to learn a little bit more of it myself. When I heard the melodies others could play on this guitar I would feel so driven because I got to take with me every night. It would give me motivation to strum it just a little bit better before the night was over.

I have had it tucked away for a few years, giving it some space from my life while I picked up a much smaller string instrument. However I decided it was time to take it out again so I could feel the memories flood with of those magical times it gave me from years before.

June 13th 2019

Day 76 / 365 || Week 12

I found the best tacos in Seattle. Rocket Tacos. Seriously. Check em out.


House-made chorizo with potato, three cheese blend, lime crema and cilantro.


June 14th 2019

Day 77 / 365 || Week 12

Lots of HIGHS last night. Check out the photos for the Grateful and bluegrass vibes and all these talented musicians! 😍😁🎼

Venue: High Dive
The High Seagrass
2nd up: 
The High Council
Grateful Bluegrass Boys

The High Seagrass

IMG_9816- The High Dive - Brie'Ana Breeze Photography & Media -_.jpg
IMG_9977- The High Dive - Brie'Ana Breeze Photography & Media -_.jpg

June 15th 2019

Day 78 / 365 || Week 12

David Testa

Music Maker. Song Writer. Humbled and Talented musician!

IMG_9767- David Testa - Brie'Ana Breeze Photography & Media -_.jpg

June 16th 2019

Day 79 / 365 || Week 12

Another fairy-tale wedding photo session. Summer is here and special people give me their trust me to take their photos. I love my photography life and my friends!