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June 1st 2019

Day 64 / 365 || Week 11

Brie'Ana Breeze Photography & Media - Lower Queen Anne-8732.jpg

I have never been to a film festival until Seattle Film Festival showed up in town, and I have now taken advantage of seeing 2 films. Tonight I saw #Female Pleasure. A documentary about 5 women who have been through some serious sexual trauma in their lives, and how they have faced it head on, how they were able to stand up for themselves and to share how to turn their healing to help other women who have been through the same thing. All these strong women were from all across the board, from their religion to their culture and their experiences. You know I shed some tears.

June 2nd 2019

Day 65 / 365 || Week 11

I have to say that I'm super proud about this photo. I merged 3 images into one frame and learned a little bit more about photoshoot today.


June 3rd 2019

Day 66 / 365 || Week 11



I met this vibrant, skilled, talented, driven creative beauty a few years back while traveling through Arizona. We met through a couch surfer who hikes his guests up to Bell Rock. That trip was a really unique experience that I tell about my travels and I was so happy to have met her there! Devin is from Michigan, and when I was there a couple times I was never able to meet up with her when I was there. It has been nearly 4 years since I have seen her, and this time it was in my neck of the woods, or rather… the city scapes, neighborhoods, streets of Seattle. We ventured around with our cameras, and did some exploring. From running around Pike Place Market, to see the city skylines at Kerry Park, Showing off the Fremont Troll, to ending the day at Gas Works Park. SHE IS SO RAD. YOU NEED TO CHECK OUT HER PHOTOS ASAP. She is an amazing wedding photographer and I almost wished that I was getting married soon just so she could do my wedding! Just in this one day I learned so much from her drive and that she has pushed me to want to just do more. To keep going in the path of photography and creative flow.

June 4th 2019

Day 67 / 365 || Week 11

A couple hours filled with conversations with new friends. Being in the Seattle scene in my late 20’s really makes me feel like I’m adulating (in the good way). I didn’t take this photo, but I did show up to the party AND the writing portion. Hello and goodbye to June 4th 2019.

June 5th 2019

Day 68 / 365 || Week 11

Brie'Ana Breeze Photography & Media - Seattle-9129.jpg

When you buy flowers for yourself, but don’t have a vase… the wilting process begins. This is sticking out like a metaphor to me right now.

A piece of me and a part of my bloom, has a wilting process as well. When I get somewhere I haven’t been in awhile I am always excited because of the freshness. I am eager to share all my energy and put action into my passions. When it comes for me to stick around the same town for an extended period of time I feel myself lose that feeling and it’s hard to get it back naturally. I usually would just go on to the next town to shake it off. BUT THIS is one big reason why I am back here. It’s so that I can find a bit of myself again, to keeping pushing past my fear of creating and doing, and to stop telling myself it will come back once I leave town again. I am here to find myself again, where I can continue to bloom without leaving on a constant basis. I have made excuses to find it by being in a new place with new people; a new atmosphere. I need to shed these thoughts and bloom again.

Self doubt is self worth.

June 6th 2019

Day 69 / 365 || Week 11


Its been years since I have stepped into an open mic and its been even more years since I played at one. I was convinced to get up on stage and sing a song with the talented Scott Clay at the Stone Way Cafe (Wide Open Mics every Tues & Thurs) . Everyone was only allotted one song each, so we sang a song we have recently been practicing together. I do have to say that our harmonies are on point and it was a really joy to get persuaded to get back on the stage, even for just one night.

Brie'Ana Breeze Photography & Media - Seattle-9157.jpg

June 7th 2019

Day 70 / 365 || Week 11


This photo a day has brought me to look at things from the ground up. I had first started photography when I lived right in the city of Seattle, right in the thick of it, downtown. I had a passion for capturing people and telling their stories through my lens. I knew that I wanted to go on the road to meet all types of people that something to show and tell me from their lives. I then found out that I could find more of these people festivals, and then that became another thing I would travel to and capture. I loved all of it. I still love all of it, but I feel along the way I had lost a bit of my story to tell from always being on the go.

After nearly 5 years of travel I can say that it had worn down on me. I needed to stay put back at home. I still don’t know how long, but long enough to find myself again and to find commitment to stick to. I had a strong feeling that I needed to stay put so I would feel like I wasn’t running away to the next thing when life got a little harder for me.

In this process I am having to ask myself what is it that I aspire to capture now that I am no longer exploring places where I don’t know whats around the corner. I’m still meeting new people here though, and I am still inspired by their stories, but my focus right now I am working on my own story with my feet still here in the PNW.

June 8th 2019

Day 71 / 365 || Week 11

Another night of music. I was invited to sing along to a couple songs on stage with Scott Clay as he was the opener for Andonimus & The Lock'd Pocket at The High Dive in Fremont for Andons CD release. Before the show we went out to the back alley and did some practicing and warm ups. I was nervous to sing again on stage and this time with lights on me, but Scott is a really good stage partner and made me feel just fine when I got up for his last 2 songs. The show was SO GOOD.

Headliner -Andonimus & The Lock'd Pocket

Special Guests || Scott Clay, D.C , Israel of Da Beckoning, Kristen Palmer, DJ Quan

June 9th 2019

Day 72 / 365 || Week 11

Brie'Ana Breeze Photography & Media - Seattle-.jpg

I was able to spend some time with one of my pup pals, Finley. I had the pleasure of dog sitting her while her momma was out of town enjoying some time away. I always love when my friends give me their dogs to watch and their trust to hold.