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July 29th 2019

Day 122 / 365 || Week 19

My weekends are the weekdays so I decided to jet down to San Diego (Californias Dirty waffle. Sand-y Ego) I stole that. You can take it too. It was time to do some catching up with my friend Jason and we have tradition on hitting up that champagne campaign trail. It was time to rally, and we sure did. He lives 5 blocks from Pacific Beach so we took a few strolls there to enjoy the sun hitting our skin, and the sand beneath my feet as the waves rolled over.

July 30th 2019

Day 123 / 365 || Week 19

It was time to hit up my old favorite beach. Once back in 2015 decided to #Vanlife it in in San Diego for a month. Most of this time was spent in Ocean Beach, also known as OB. It was a great time in my life. I felt like I was on top of the world in those moments. I got my nose pierced there because I was in need of feeling a rush of something to get me out of a funk, and then I was featured in a magazine - It was nice to go back and do a little stroll. I am am most definitely in a different place in my life from where I was back in 2015. I still love to travel, but I am just on a different level now. I don’t so much do the #Vanlife for long spurts as I once did, but I have collected so many great memories from this beach town.

July 31st 2019

Day 124 / 365 || Week 19

On this trip I was able to spend an afternoon with this lovely lady Cheryl, who I haven’t seen in years. She is originally from the San Diego area, but we didn’t meet by the ocean, we actually met in the desert of Arizona. We met in a ghost town, population of 8. From the desert roads and cactus’s of Bumble Bee Arizona, to snorkeling the ocean caves of San Diego - it’s really crazy to think about the people you meet and the adventures you will have to tell them, or with even with them. About how many stories pile up over time and which ones will be the highlighted ones to tell, whom you have become distant from and whom you have got closer to, to what you have dropped in your life to the things that you have started to embrace…. Life really is a crazy adventure.

This beautiful lady moved out of Arizona and came back to San Diego for a bit before traveling to Korea, Thailand and then living in Cambodia with her boyfriend Elliott. After Elliott almost had to have his leg amputated they had to fly back here for him to get surgery. Healing is happening and I am excited to hear about what will be next for these two.