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July 2019 || Week 18

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July 22nd 2019

Day 115 / 365 || Week 18

Benny Boy. I can’t believe you are nearly 8 years old now. That means I have known you as my little pal since that day when I plucked you out of 3 little kids arms as their dad told them to say their last goodbyes to you - as their small puppy. I’m glad I did. I gave you a home where you are and have been loved by my mom and step dad. I know your personality, you know mine. You know I love to kiss your nose a lot and I you just let me. You know I won’t stop in a minute, so you just let me, and you don’t you don’t lick me (which I appreciate!) and just sit their happily. You love to sun bathe while the sunlight beams across the floor during golden hour. You are my little pal.

July 23rd 2019

Day 116 / 365 || Week 18

IMG_2565  -  Brie'Ana Breeze Photography & Media - Seattle.jpg

This is exactly 276 tacos sitting in my van. This is what it looks like to be a taco runner for a big corporation headquarters when they are having an event and the CEO is showing up. This one only one out of 6 runs I made. This was my job for the day. When I see this kind of thing I do for money it almost makes me sick. Okay… the smell of all those tacos probably is what made me sick this time but on a more serious note, i’m serious. Sometimes, (and when I say sometimes I really mean most times) I see so much waste go into events. I have that thing called a conscious, and it feels like the whole devil on one side and an angel on the other type of moment when I see it. Yes, it can be good money, but also yes, there is SO MUCH waste. Luckily all these tacos were consumed, but I’m more talking more about the behind the scenes. For all the other swag that was given out, there was hundreds of plastic wrap around each one of them, HUNDREDS. I am talking about 4 of us that unwrapped each swag item out of their packing for hours and hours. It makes me sad, mad, a bit depressed. I see a lot of waste, and it goes to show that I am also the problem here. I take the job, do the work, and get paid. That is where the devil comes in.

July 24th 2019

Day 117 / 365 || Week 18

Photo Credit -  Get Tiny

Photo Credit - Get Tiny

I have met many people in this life of mine, from the many different countries I have met them in, to taking their photos at a festival. There are handfuls and handfuls of beautiful, creative, adventurous, talented people I luckily now get to call friends. I met these two - Marv and Cash - as most people in the festival world. I now know them as Robert and Mark. They run a mobile casino at festivals called Frick Frack Blackjack.

No cash bets, just things. Yes… just things and stuff. Behind the table you see shevles and boxes stacked up with knick knacks that other people have lost, and things that people win. I have lost many snacks on that table. I would get all my frick frack gambling items ready for the night. Considering I have been there for hours, and even until sunrise. From snacks, wigs, glasses, sparkles, tiny trinkets (my favorite thing to collect), I have won and lost it all.

I’ve caught them at Lucidity, Burning Man, and Shambhala these last few years and they make me feel like I have a space at home when I see the them, play at their table, and shoot the shit. They really do provide an awesome atmosphere and I am so thankful for them!

IMG_2619  -  Brie'Ana Breeze Photography & Media - Seattle.jpg

So Robert and Mark came into Seattle for a couple days. They just left a festival and going to a few others ones. (CATCH THEM AT Summer Meltdown, Arise, SHAMBHALA and Burning Man next).

I was so glad we were able to get out of festie mode and just be able to hang out around Seattle, play some pool, catch up, and meet some new friends of theirs. It was short lived, but it was much needed.

July 25th 2019

Day 118 / 365 || Week 18

I always got love for my boy band :)

The High Council plays at Seamonster Lounge. It was boooogie town baby!

July 26th 2019

Day 119 / 365 || Week 18

Dreaming of the next beach getaway. It’s right around the corner.


July 27th 2019

Day 120 / 365 || Week 18

Edelweiss Edelweiss
Every morning you greet me
Small and white
Clean and bright
You look happy to meet me

Blossom of snow may you bloom and grow
Bloom and grow forever
Edelweiss Edelweiss
Bless my homeland forever


July 28th 2019

Day 121 / 365 || Week 18

Warning. These are dark thoughts.

What if this is just the beginning? What is Trump is actually the good guy compared to what is next to come?