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July 15th 2019

Day 108 / 365 || Week 17


I have many friends from different backgrounds in this world, and this guy is one of them. Nima is one of my most unique friends, he is loud, funny, and speaks his mind. I also really love his family and they such a pleasure to be around. They got jokes and his mom makes the most delicious dinners. His mother and father both were born and raised in Iran, and their stories are some of the most interesting I have heard. When they realized that they didn’t want to raise their children in Iran they moved to Denmark (which wasn’t a easy thing to do) and after some time there they moved the States.

I first met Nima on the plane to Thailand, when we were both on random trip to Thailand. We were going with a band on tour and knew that it was going to be epic. (Which it was!) Touring overseas from island to island, to BBQ’s in Seattle and a couple of Iranian New Years celebrations, we have collected memories and stories that will last a lifetime.

July 16th 2019

Day 109 / 365 || Week 17

First there was Zoey, then there was baby Lilly. Sisters at last. What a pair of cuties I get to dog sit!

July 17th 2019

Day 110 / 365 || Week 17

There is so many ways to capture time. Hourglasses, watches, sundials, metronomes, New Years. We all get 1,440 minutes in a day and some days I can really feel my best and other days I know I could have done more. I just always try to do more. There is something that ticks in me when I realize that I can see time pass me by. When I can see how much of it has been wasted on my own inhibitions or turning it around, when I feel good about myself when I have produced the best possible versions of me that I could within this time period. I have done what I could to make myself proud because I know there is only a certain amount of times that I can turn over the hourglass. When will the sand stop falling for me? Will I have made the most out of the time I have been given? I won’t know until I try. I won’t try unless I think about the unknown and undermined moments that are potentially presented to me. The mystery of time is what really keeps me wanting to do more.

July 18th 2019

Day 111 / 365 || Week 17

I never thought in my life I would be pushing a stroller, especially ones with dogs in it. They are cute and all, but one side of me felt really douche walking around like a pretentious city girl who owns the cutest dogs in all of the city. I sucked up what that image looked like from the outsiders or what I would see what it would look like from the local Seattle scene. I said screw it, it was easier this way. With a puppy who walks too slow and a Dotson who wants to chase squirrels across the park, this was the way it had to be. South Lake Union streets are now 80% Amazon workers anyway, and they seem to understand what a dog walker would do in this predicament.

IMG_2495  -  Brie'Ana Breeze Photography & Media - Seattle.jpg

July 19th 2019

Day 112 / 365 || Week 17

I have said this before. I don’t put all my income into one bucket because I don’t want to feel locked down. I have my hands in many because that means I don’t have to be tired of being tied down to one job that doesn’t allow me the freedom that I want in my life. Some of my revenue comes from doing event marketing. It could be from fun little weekend gigs that have me informing the festival, conference, and party goers about a sponsored company that wants to create brand awareness. This weekend at the Bite of Seattle that is exactly what I am doing for GoRVing. I really do have to say it’s as close as I can get to what I really believe in as a vanlifer and avid road tripper.

July 20th 2019

Day 113 / 365 || Week 17


This is a bad picture, but a good guy. This weekend is long hours for many of us in the Brand Ambassador world, so these 12 hour days have me slowed down on my creativity. This is one of my co-workers who I frequently work beside on promo gigs, but not this weekend! From Team Building at corporate events, Portland Auto Shows, and many many more, we know what its like to give out those free samples and give direction.

July 21st 2019

Day 114 / 365 || Week 17

End of the work week, end of my 3 days on and 12 hour shifts at The Bite Of Seattle. Onto the next one.