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July 8th 2019

Day 101 / 365 || Week 16

Shooting Duncan and Tod down in lower Queen Anne had to be one the best photoshoot I’ve had all week, if not of all time! Not only does it help that they are both naturals at being in front of the camera, but they are troopers when it comes to switching gears on locations and last minute outfit changes. Plus, they make love look easy and carefree. I love capturing couples because when its a pause from the shooting mode there is that feeling of joy from creating that satisfies me. In these moments I see that these photoshoots bring my subjects closer to each other, in frame and out of frame. From shooting hands being held, and them not letting go once I get the shot. From their 2 pairs of eyes staring down into each others souls and not looking away, even after I have captured the magical image.

Being a part of a shoot brings a heightened experience of joy to all parties. I am glad to do what I do with who I do it with.

July 9th 2019

Day 102 / 365 || Week 16

White Claw, karaoke bars and my friends coming to visit Seattle. I am a fan out of 2/3 things.

July 10th 2019

Day 103 / 365 || Week 16

IMG_4064  -  Brie'Ana Breeze Photography & Media - Seattle.jpg

Coming at you from the future! I have been very busy this week, and unfortunately I didn’t have a one picture worth posting today, so I will give you a seek peek of what is to come next. Have your eyes peeled and your web browsers ready for my photoshoot with a couple of lovely lady contortionists. This was EPIC. —-> More to come.

July 11th 2019

Day 104 / 365 || Week 16

Time to get bent

From dancers, hoopers, painters, musicians, fire spinners, iv’e captured a lot of beautiful people doing their passion. What I can now add to the list is contortionists! These ladies travel all around for their JOB performing and teaching their craft at festivals, renaissances fairs, and stages all over the country. They were what you call GO GETTERS. Check out Cheryl Birch and Leah from Acrobatrix for more entertainment for your eyes.

July 12th 2019

Day 105 / 365 || Week 16


A week of photoshoots back to back means it was time to lay off my camera and go on a drive to visit my friends in Olympia. We did that thing that Ryan love so much. Disk Golf. He is a fan, and I am a fan of hanging out with him and Virginia, so it worked out. He still won of course, but its never about the win for me as much as it is just seeing him in his element. Also sidenote - this Iphone photo definitely definitely definitely does not look like the ones I’ve seen on all those billboards.

July 13th 2019

Day 106 / 365 || Week 16

IMG_2400  -  Brie'Ana Breeze Photography & Media - camping.jpg

This was my only weekend off until Burning Man and I decided it was to be spent camping with my Aunt and my Cousin. They both had set up camp right beside the Northshore of Lake Cle Elum inside of the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest. They also both brought their friend groups as well, as I had come solo. My aunt had her friends come along, which they all have known each other for 30 years, (longer than my existence). Then there was my cousin, who is about to be in her senior year of college and she had invited a handful of her sorority sisters. I was in the gap age group, and didn’t bring one friend. This is where like I didn’t feel like I fit in at times.

Stan was my trusty sidekick and brought me comfort and made me feel like I had something to cling onto that felt a bit like my safe space when I started to feel overwhelmed with these thoughts of not fitting in thing. I usually don’t have a care in the world when it comes to that, but I would usually just get up and leave the situation if I didn’t feel like I was a part of any certain groups and their vibes.

Now this goes to say that nobody had left me out, and there wasn’t any bad feelings towards anyone, but I felt that just being the only person in the age gap had me pinned in a weird position, and I didn’t have one friend there of my own to bind to. I tried not to overthink it, but it really got me missing my own tribe at times.

July 14th 2019

Day 107 / 365 || Week 16

I still don’t know what kind of bug this is. I’ve tried researching and I can’t find anything. First it landed on my van, then flew to me (Yes I said flew, it has wings!) when I walked away to sit at the picnic table. It was about the size of my hand, just a tiny bit smaller, antennas and all.