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July 1st 2019

Day 94 / 365 || Week 15

These sunsets are the reason why people come to visit Seattle and then make a plan to live here. (Well that and plus Amazon ). They come for the summer and enjoy it so much that the next step is to make an escape route out of their current city. These sunsets make tourists and visitors make real life changes to their lives to acclimate themselves here in the Pacific Northwest. It takes a lot of love for this city to be able to stay in it once the golden summer sunlight fades through the clouds and summer fades away. Luckily for us it just started.

July 2nd 2019

Day 95 / 365 || Week 15

When I was younger I was curious about religion. My father didn’t go to church but he had always encouraged me to go find out what it was that I was looking for. I went to many types of churches, even on my own. Once I found myself on a charter bus that was full of baptists kids, and we were going to some type of weekend full of sermons. We went from Lynnwood, Washington all the way down to Portland, and I was only 12. Another time I went with my friend to her church, but mostly because her grandma would give us those rocher chocolate balls if we would reflect the good word with our attention and manners. Once I got older I tried out the Mormon religion, mostly because I was living with some family members at the time who tried to show me the way, and I tried, I REALLY tried. Non of these worked out for ME. It put me on a path to steer clear and far away from any religion there is. I found that looking within myself was what really needed to happen. I was having a rough day and I decided to take my “Trust Your Vibes” deck out to get some answers and to help me find a direction for my thoughts and woes. The one card I pulled out was the “Pray” card, and I froze. It goes without saying, but I don’t pray.

I wasn’t sure how to do this. It had been so long, and on top of that who was I supposed to pray to? I thought about it for a minute though. I wanted to direct my message to my creator, whomever that is, whoever that was out there. I got on my knees, keeled over the couch and started to let my thoughts out, started to say what I was grateful for, and really thanked the universe for just being what it is. Not knowing who my god is really gave me more of a perspective of how little my worries were at this moment, because it didn’t matter, I am here in the flesh, alive and well, not dying at the moment but living in full, with a working brain and body. I was happy to see praying in a way out of a religious context, it was kind of like a soft meditation mixed with out loud journaling, and it felt so good to be 100% present within that moment.

July 3rd 2019

Day 96 / 365 || Week 15


Back in 2015 I moved to Austin, very sporadically. I didn’t actually mean to move there, but when I flew over there for a weekend trip I couldn’t find it in me to get back onto my plane when the weekend was over. There was something in me that told me I just to stay. I had one bag of clothes and my camera and that was it. I didn’t know why I decided that was a good move, but it just felt right. When I did this I happened to meet the right people and the right time who provided me with a great living situation. They gave me an opportunity to stay at a beautiful house they owned, which they only rented out for airbnb during a few times a month and during SXSW. In this house I had a master bedroom with my own piano. I didn’t know how to play but I was determined to figure it out. I mean how could I not? I would sit on the bench and pull up the piano cover and feel the weighted keys beneath my fingertips. My brain felt like it was learning a new language.

I recently have really really missed those times. These last few weeks I would have this recurring thought, I just wanted to play piano so bad. “Where do I go? Who had one I could play on? Should I go look up a music store to just go play on it? Is Guitar center open?” I finally put all those thoughts into action and decided it was time to just go get one. One to call my own that I could play on whenever I felt like it and it feels so good to press my fingers down on the keys again. Here is to making more memories.

July 4th 2019

Day 97 / 365 || Week 15

Fourth of July. Typical day of, picnics, booze, bbq’s, fireworks and the constant song from Team America playing in the background. I am not a huge fan of this holiday. For me it is right under the Valentines day festivies, where I feel like it you just spend money on this pointless stuff to it possibly just blowing up back at you.

I did not take photos of the fireworks this year, even though it’s about every photographers night to see if they can capture the best images of colorful fires lighting up the sky. I was too tired, burnt out, and wiped from working. I work so much so hard when I get back home because I know it is the only thing that will keep me from staying here long enough where I will perpetually broke. I work a lot to build back my bank account so I don’t have to sit in a micro studio apartment that cost me $1800 a month with 300 square feet and no kitchen. For me it feels a trap to stay here long term. So many people I know get locked into college debt to potentially get a good job which will hopefully get them a two week vacation out after they level up and earn that achievement for that next promotion that will get them to a retirement plan. I feel claustrophobic when I think of that. I feel bad for the people working 60 hour work weeks and still can barely live a decent life in the states. I feel defeated by my country. I feel so many things about this subject.

I do work a lot when I am back, but it is always so I can leave with that money to get to another country for months at a time. It’s more affordable than trying to make a living here. When I am back I feel fueled up for a short term time. I am energized, but I do loose somewhat of my creative self and a bit of my freedom while doing it. It is so hard to balance out my free time here. I do feel as if I do loose a bit of myself if I stay too long.

“The best egos taste good bruised”

July 5th 2019

Day 98 / 365 || Week 15

If I had known when I was younger that one of my jobs in the future was to be taking care of cute dogs I probably would have not given any second thoughts about a college degree. Being around dogs is one of my callings and I am so glad I am in a position in life to do it.

July 6th 2019

Day 99 / 365 || Week 15

IMG_1249  -  Brie'Ana Breeze Photography & Media - Seattle.jpg

Seattle at it’s best at the end of the day. Lately here in the mornings the clouds are still covering the sky with a think sheet of fog, with everyone just waiting for it to be lifted to rise with the dawn. It’s on days like this that make me feel a little bit more on the depressed side. When the sky finally wants to finally make an appearance it gets ready to uncover itself with the overcast blanket it has been hiding under all day. Then we get to see the sun just before it starts to fall beneath the Olympic Mountain range to tuck itself in for the night.

There will be bad days…

July 7th 2019

Day 100 / 365 || Week 15

This is a throw back to July 7th 2015. My first time in New York, where it was MAGICAL. I knew no one, but I was somehow able to get the keys to a strangers apartment, that I never had met. She was out of town was still able to get her friend her apartment keys to me while giving me a roof to sleep under, a bed to sleep in and a kitchen to cook in. That was only the tip of the ice berg. Check out my blog post from 2015 to see how it all unfolded. Oh yeah.. and I met Murr from Impractical Jokers.