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January 2015


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January 1st 2015

Austin, Texas - Mozarts Coffee

~What did you order for yourself this year?~


January 1st, the day we all start fresh. We all wake up beautiful, because of the harmonious thoughts we all have about being the best version of ourselves we strive to be.

The word fresh start, really rang true today for me while I was doing what I love doing most, enjoying my time and space in a coffee shop, reflecting and creating, while caffeine runs its way through my veins.

While my coffee was being made, I saw this sign that reads “PICK UP ORDER HERE”. I thought this was the universe's way of reminding me to manifest what I want out of this year.What can I get more of this year from myself? What can I better in my life? What kind of blissful choices can I make?

What do I want to pick up and order from this new year? 

When you order something materialistic, it is usually something you want, like, deserve, or even need. So, why can't we all order what we think we may want, like, deserve or need. Whatever you want, it is out there, and you can have it! You can order it, and you will be served. 

I want to find my creations bloom into a beautiful appreciative piece of someones life, and to get the grasp of myself becoming 'still', finding out what my meditation is. 

It's a new year, so its that time to drop the excuses, and pick up permission slips. I dare you.
What did you order for yourself this year? 



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January 2nd 2015

Austin, Texas - Empire Control Room

~ Free Week ~


In Austin there is a whole week off events, and it's called free week. Since 2003, Austin has been holding the tradition down. Local bands to see for free. How can the new year get any better?

Pictured above – Violinda at the Empire Control Room. Where she rocked that stage with her unique violin skills.  



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January 3rd 2015

Austin, Texas - Graffiti Park / Outdoor Gallery

~ ATX's Best Attraction ~

I needed unplanned adventure. I needed to get out in the sun yesterday and I needed to just start walking. What I really wanted was to have the adventure find me, and so I stepped out into the world with no plans to follow or bind me.

I walked about half a mile, doing zig zags between blocks. Examining the different kinds of housing structures along the way. I came up to a dead end, and realized it was a hill that stopped at the end of the block. I looked for a way down, but to my left I saw that Castle Hill graffiti wall was over yonder. I was skeptical of walking through peoples yards to get across, but I did it anyway.

I took some photos, had some fun with adjusting settings on my camera, and even did a time lapse of an artist doing his work. I even captured moments in time of random people at a particular wall.

I made my way down the hill, and found a trailer that sold photos of the graffiti. There had to be thousands, all unique to one another. This was until I met the man selling the photos, he was just as unique as the prints.

This is Jules. He is the artist who has taken photographs of the artwork sprayed onto the walls, for 5 years now. When someone asked if he also did any graffiti work, he responded “I am a painter of light, my tool is my camera”

Most of everyone that came to look at the art, they took a piece with them, and I believe it has to do with the experience they had with Jules. That encounter, that genuine conversation and smile Jules brings to the trailer, will make anyone want to buy a piece of his artwork and take it home with them. People from all over the country came by, and he would ask where it was going occasionally. - L.A, Pennsylvania, Florida were a few I heard.

Honestly, I don't even feel like my writing justifies how awesome Jules is. How human, how genuine, how creative his being is. I stuck around for a few hours, just to feel the vibes, and in that time there had been multiple people that came to show him love, to give him gifts, and to tell him how important he is in their lives. He is a staple to the community here, and this was proven when one guy told Jules that there are only two people in this world he can say he feels are his family, and Jules was one of them.

At this point, if I were to recommend anyone to see anything in Austin, it would be the little trailer at the bottom of Castle Hill, you won't be disappointed in the least.

“ Nobody ever learned by talking, we all can learn by listening” - Jules



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January 4th 2015

Austin, Texas -Clarcksville

~ Free Education Is Everywhere ~

I don't like the education system I grew up in, the one that continues today. I didn't turn into the scholarly student that everyone thinks is so important to be. Our society expects us to know what we want to with our lives from when we grab that diploma, after being a young prisoner in the education system.

How could I know where I wanted to be, or where I wanted to go, when I just spent 18 years of my life, being “educated”? That was 18 years of impersonal lessons, forced to go to the same place for 8 hours a day, until I have reached adulthood. It didn't matter if I really reached my own potential or not, I still had to have the same lessons that didn't further me. How were we supposed to learn about ourselves with all that time taken away? I felt like I was being robbed of time, and I didn't have enough space and room to find the answers to my own questions.

When I was in high school, there just wasn't enough time or energy in the day to explore my curiosity. I learn by being in the moment of things, exploring, adventuring, understanding people and their culture. In person, up front, and personal. I am happy to know that I am able to now go out and grow my understanding of broad subjects, and people, and places, because I make the effort. I try to take a lesson from everything and anything, because I think I may have learned a little bit more about myself.

So the lesson here – make time for yourself and your growth. You are the most important person that you can learn from. Go and explore your curiosity.

“I spent three days a week for 10 years educating myself in the public library, and it's better than college. People should educate themselves - you can get a complete education for no money. At the end of 10 years, I had read every book in the library and I'd written a thousand stories.” – Ray Bradbury



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January 5th 2015

Austin, Texas

~ Austin Facts ~

1. Austin is considered the live music capital of the world with more than 100 live music venues

2. Austin is home to North America’s largest urban bat population.

3. The University of Texas at Austin has the fifth-largest single campus enrollment in the nation.

4. Austin is the only major city in Texas that does not have a law against women going topless in public

5. Collectively, the festival South by Southwest (SXSW) is the highest revenue-producing event for the Austin economy, with an estimated economic impact of $167 million in 2011. Locals—and anyone who’s been to SXSW—refer to it simply as “South By.”

6. Austin residents have the highest internet usage in all of Texas.

7. The highest point in Austin is Mount Bonnell at 785 feet.

8. The Texas State Capitol building in Austin is the biggest of all state capitols, besides the Capital in D.C.

9. Other notable Austinites include: Sandra Bullock, Wes Anderson, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Drew Brees, Walter Cronkite, Michael Dell, Farah Fawcett, Tom Ford, Ethan Hawke, Janis Joplin, Richard Linklater, Natalie Maines, Matthew McConaughey, Willie Nelson, Andy Roddick, Karl Rove, and Rene Zellweger.

10. The Colorado River runs through downtown, but residents call it Lady Bird Lake, Lake Austin, and Town Lake. (Obnoxious, because its river.)



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January 6th 2015

Austin, Texas - Graffiti Park / Outdoor Gallery

~ A Fortuitous Encounter ~

This is SUM1. A local graffiti artist that plays on the playground with his cans of colors, and his slick and steady self expression. From a few photos of his art work that I had peeked at, it appeared that he put major detail into his pieces, and that made an impression on my eyes. I am a girl for color, but not so much a fan of graffiti. This was until I had seen the process of it, and then I became intrigued.

I had came up with an idea to do a graffiti time lapse, and needed the right person for it. I was explaining this to Jules-----> ( Pictured on day {31/365} ), about the new project that was twirling around in my mind. That was when Mike popped into the art trailer, and then Jules had introduced us.

Out of all the graffiti artist's that I have seen, Sum1 had the right amount of time and color I was looking for. A few hours on the wall was what I wanted, and he could provide that with his art. There is something I will take into my little artsy heart, and that was what he had said in the middle of his work.

"To me, this is art. Creating is art. After this is done and finished, this will be an artifact" His sense of humor came at the end when he said, "And that's my one and only elite artist quote of the day" – Sum1 AKA Mike B.




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January 7th 2015

Austin, Texas - Clarksville



~ City Streets ~

Today I saw a zebra truck. It made me smile. This city is wild and full of surprises.





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January 8th 2015

Austin, Texas






~ 100% ~

Its not man crush Monday yet, but does it count that we met on a Monday? Screw it, this is a 100% #MCAnyday 





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January 9th 2015

Austin, Texas

~ Long Exposure On Life ~

This long exposure shot from my porch here in Austin. It made me think about how long I've stayed in the same spot now. It's about been a month, which is a bit of time, but not too long. Just like any part of life, it has had its ups and downs, and pros and cons.

Sometimes life seems like it goes by so fast, and I start loosing track of what events happened when. I think because of all the adventures that unfold in front of me, I don't have time, space, or energy to keep up with it, myself, or my own life. 

That is why right now, I can enjoy taking a long exposure shot on my porch, re energize for the next BIG journey ahead. Whatever that may be!



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January 10th 2015

Austin,  Texas - The Driskel

~ Cheers ~

Here's to the one hundered thosand people who ive met
Here's to the ninety seven thousand who's names that ive forgot
Here's to the seven hundred and fifty that I call my friends
A one, a two, a three a four a dozen there at the top

Here's to the crossroad quick decisions, 
and the vistas and the visions
and the whole business spread before us every day
Most of all this one goes out to the place that I have yet to be
And I can't wait for you to take my breath away

Here's to the goodness that you're choosing,
the times you thought you'd lose it
here's to people making people here to stay
Most of all this one goes out to everybody listening to this song
I can't wait for you to take my breath away”

Ryan Montbleau – Snippets of his song – I Can't Wait 



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January 11th 2015

Austin, Texas


~ Breakfast for two ~

It was nice and caffeinated. 

“Each human is a complex creature whose behavior is driven by emotion, beliefs, point of view, and how much coffee they had that morning.” -Senora Roy 





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January 12th 2015

Austin, Texas

~ I'm a Wild Child ~

24 years old and I wrote a blog post about it. Advice for the decade! My decade that is...

Oh, and I got the best present EVER. My favorite band on the planet put a few of my photos in their new video. I find that SO rad.

I find it amusing that they release this video, and I am in Austin, where they are from. These are my photographs, my artwork, my passion, and this was all during a time of self exploration when I was back in Seattle. This was a time when I was blooming into being the beautiful person I have been trying to be. 

How amazing it is to see my work, intertwined with theirs. How amazing it is that 3 years ago, I really thought of life as a drag, and now I can't get enough of it. I can't get enough of seeing the passion lit up in people all around me. I can't get enough of the thought “THIS moment, right now, is awesome. Not just “Oh that's awesome” but as in the meaning of awesome. “causing or inducing awe; inspiring an overwhelming feeling of reverence, admiration, or fear:”

So, if you are a fan of my passion and my adventure in this lil thing I call life – I suggest you check two things out. My Blog Post and the music video.

Happy Birthday Brie'. You are really a wild child. Always remember to evolve into the best you that you can, and you will be okay.

Blog Post -

Music Video -



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January 13th 2015

Austin, Texas - Terra Toys

~ 24 Year Old Child ~

Who says we have to grow up? On the 24th birthday, I went to a toy store, and it was awesome.

My childhood wasn't filled with a ton of laughter and make believe, so I am making up for that now. As I grow older, I feel like I'm finding my inner kid, its okay for her to come out and explore. I have more wonder, I try to love everyone that comes across my path, and I like to get my hands on anything. My curiosity comes out everyday.

Growing up will never be an option, because I am an adult and I can make my own decisions.



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January 14th 2015

Austin, Texas

 ~ Remember to Relax~

Today I woke up I had a thought before I got out of bed. “I don't have to do anything. I don't have to be anywhere, and all my current projects (besides this one) are finished, what to do now?” And soon after that thought passed through, I thought, "Terrifying!"

I like to have projects underway, I want my mind to be continuously wrapped up with my creative expression, because it feels as if it has to bleed out onto something. Something people can see and admire, including myself.

Once I have finished a project of mine, it feels daunting when I think of what my next artwork is going to be. What energy it will take to start, continue and to complete. But isn't that was passion is? Something that you can't put down because its always burning inside? I needed to be reminded to take a day for me, to collect myself again. Relaxing isn't so bad. So today, instead of lugging around my camera gear, and looking for stills to take, I took one right where I was. I didn't have to leave for an adventure to today. There was one already being had.


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January 15th 2015

Austin, Texas

~ Mediation In The Making ~

I used to love running. I remember jogging up and down the Seattle waterfront almost every day. I guess it was so easy to stop doing one thing, in exchange for another. Traveling took over, and running just wasn't the priority anymore, especially when I wasn't sure when my next shower was going to be. The new priority was finding a place to lay my head for the night.

I went for a jog around Austin, and it was the 3rd time I attempted running in the last 6 months. Today I ran 4 miles, and this was with no big breaks in between. And oh boy, I punishing myself for this one. 

As I lay in bed at night, with each beat of my heart, the pain made it's way down into the grip of my hands. With each throb, my hands became just as sore trying to hold and clench my thighs to my chest. 

I didn't regret my decision to keep going, because even though I was having all those cliche self pursing thoughts of “pushing on”, “Don't stop” mantras, I came upon the answer I had been looking for in these last few weeks. What was my meditation? Where could I find it? How could I seek it? And here it was, running, How could I stop now? It burns? So what?

So, here I am with sore legs, and a stronger mind. 



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January 16th 2015

Austin, Texas - 6th St


~ The Dirty ~

I am now understanding why they nickname 6th st, “The Dirty 6th”. I had realized it was already 1 a.m., and I needed to make a plan to get off the strip, but I didn't have the mental energy to just find my way home just yet. I needed to collect myself, and being where I was, didn't help. 

I had made the move to slip into a the tiniest pizza shop. With standing room only and just 2 other people chowing down. I was there to get my mental clarity back in place before heading home. While I ate my slice of pizza, I turned towards the oven, instead of doing what I love doing most, people watching. It was a zoo out there, and a bit terrifying, knowing I would be walking back into that mess. 

Overall, Iron man was the best shot of the night, and probably one of the last times I wander alone on 6th for awhile. 




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January 17th 2015

Austin, Texas

~ The Other Half ~

Like all of us, we all have different sides to our personalities. Half of me offers a smile to the world of events, a personality to go with giving away free plastic crap and depending on where you stand, worthless knowledge about products that most of the people will probably never use. It pays the bills, but of course I want to do more for myself. Working with all that make up on my face makes me feel like plastic, and unreal at times. I also feel the devil on one side, and an angel on the other.

The other half of me wants to take your picture, wants a daily adventure, and carries the struggle of the different stresses that come with my traveling gypsy lifestyle. Sometimes I want to scream into a pillow from the kind of stress that I have chosen to take on. Sometimes I feel as if I am too pushy towards people, and other times I feel as if I am too soft with others. I struggle with trying to figure out my worth, and what I need to balance in life. But, don't we all?

What is something your other half struggles with?



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January 18th 2015

Austin, Texas

~ Breakfast For One~

Because my diet is mostly coffee, the bagel pairs well with my cup of joe. I found a french press in the house I am staying at, but apparently I have no idea how to cook one on my own. Today bagel was a #Fail.




{ 47 / 365 }

January 19th 2015



~ Music At The Wall ~

These are the times I just wished I had my guitar in my hands. I have been feeling the stress overcome me in certain, uncontrollable moments. Did you know that Einstein would pick up his violin when he was in the middle of figuring out a problem? This would sooth his mind, and I do the same when I am needing to de-stress When I go back to Seattle, I am bringing my guitar back with me, and it will make its way to this same spot.

Don't play the saxophone. Let it play you." -Charlie Parker




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January 20th 2015

Austin, Texas

~ Sick from Stress ~

Today I am sick. I think I have a small cold. This is nothing that my body can’t handle right now. I’ve been running again, so I am in a bit of better shape, and to be honest, it’s quite okay for me that I am strapped down into my home. I can get some writing done without worrying about what kind of adventures I won’t be getting myself into today, or even tonight.

I stressed myself into this one though, which in a weird way, was something I was asking for. It shows me once again, how stress is something I create for myself, and in the contrast, it’s something I can get rid of. I wanted and desired to just sit for a minute and get some of this writing done, but I need to discipline myself as well. I guess my body took over and told my brain to just settle down. It’s time to find that Zen and start that writing process on my book. Here we go. 




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January 21st 2015

~ Thank You Fans! ~

Shout out to all who ordered prints from me this month. Thank you for your support in my life, my dreams and my passion. When I see the effort that is made into helping me, I feel it as the fuel to my fire, and it ignites my passion to another degree. It gallantly brings me to another level in becoming the best version of myself that I am striving for. Cheers to keeping the dream alive. Some prints are being shipped to different areas of the country, and that put’s a direct smile on my face. Seattle, Austin, Chicago, San Antonio!

Interested in buying a print?

Or – Message me directly. 



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January 22nd 2015

Austin, Texas - Clarcksville

~Your Last Moments~

Have you ever had a thought that THIS could be your last day? That this moment of clarity could be your last?

What if your world were to end today? Would you be okay with the choices you’ve made in the recent past? In the last 5 hours? 

Do you think that the people around you would have good things to say about you and your presence? 

Would you find what you did maddening to your spirit and soul? If so, would you forgive yourself?



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January 23rd 2015

Austin, Texas


~ While it Pours ~

The city is still beautiful when it weeps. 






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January 24th 2015

Austin, Texas -- Hope Outdoor Gallery / Castle Hill / Graffiti Park

~ Constant Speed of Life ~

This photo describes my life right now in some small ways.

It’s colorful – I surround myself with color. It gives me a feeling of euphoria just looking at something vibrant and beautiful. 

It’s bright – and like my life, I try to see things on that side of the spectrum. Even when I am in a bad mood, I try to get myself out by thinking about how far I’ve come from where I was.

And lastly, and a little lengthy, it has constant movement – and right now, in this current stage that I am in, my brain and body are set to explore the world. It’s like there is no stopping me from having the next adventure. There are times in the day that I can’t keep up with my own thoughts and sometimes, my emotions. It gets tiring when I know that the feeling of “restlessness”, starts to kick in, and I have to make a move.

That city though…. Ohh what a capture. 



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January 25th 2015

~ These Boots Are Made For Walking ~

Okay, maybe not these particular boots. These are more like slippers then boots, and they were probably made for lounging. That doesn't stop me though. No matter if I want to wear my slippers or not, I am always on the move, on foot.

Here in Austin, I don’t have a vehicle, or a bike. Everyone in this town has one of the other, if not both. I have been on waling for the most part, and have yet to take a bus anywhere.

I don’t think my slippers are going to slow me down much. They haven’t yet anyway.



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January 26th 2015

~ Steam Shot ~

My diet usually consists of bagels and coffee. Not today, because I ate some homemade spaghetti. It is usually something I love making, yet, something I dread making simultaneously. 

Look at that steam though….

“No man is lonely eating spaghetti; it requires so much attention.” 
- Christopher Morley



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January 27th 2015

~ Youthful Youngster ~

There are times when I look at myself and see how timeless my youth looks on me. It doesn't seem like it will get wrinkly and old one day because I don’t know that side of that kind of reality, yet.

I have gotten a taste of it, because apparently the year of 24 is the year I pluck out all the grey long hairs that have been hiding. (Seriously though? Why are they so long, and how have I missed them?)

It’s not in my reality to be withering away yet, but one day I hope this face has a lot of laugh lines in all the right places. I also wish that my life will be lived with lots of stories to tell and places to have been.

“Youth is happy because it has the capacity to see beauty. Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.” 
Franz Kafka



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January 28th 2015

~ Let your memory be your travel bag ~

I find it useful on my travels to pack lightly. The less crap I carry, the better.
It may not look like I do with all these bags, and right now it is time to go through my stuff and see what I need to drop from my life once again.

The things I find important all need to fit into these smaller bags. Then those smaller bags need to fit into my large green REI backpack. If it’s a struggle to force everything into this bag, I am not a happy camper. (Literally)

I have carried this bag before when it was overloaded, and it wasn't fun. I won’t do it again, ever.

My advice for traveling light – if you don’t use it, don’t bring it.

“Excess baggage is a symptom of something we are missing on the inside – a fear that we won’t be accepted for what we are, as if our selves are not enough. We bring too much of our past experience, the clutter of our emotions. These things get in the way and keep us from getting close to others. Then we are left with the task of having to find someone else to carry it, whether it is our luggage or our loneliness. “-Mary Morris



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January 29th 2015

TBT ~ Portland Bound ~ TBT

PDX here I come! I have to make my way half way across the country again. I am running low on funds, so I found out I am working the PDX Auto Show this coming weekend. Yeeehaw. I guess I have become a bit Texan huh?

I took this shot last year, and I am glad to say I’ve been a huge fan of Portland from the moment I was a visitor. 

It’s one of my favorite places to be in the world. I might do that cool Portland thing and get a tattoo or a piercing. Who knows? Stay tuned.

Three days and counting! 



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January 30th 2015

Austin, Texas

~ Stolen Clarity of Presence ~

Last night was a night of exploration and adventure, with a twist. I started to think about my close friends, family, and strangers and their thoughts and perception is of me always having a blast. Sometimes along the way on these outings it isn't how amazing it seems to be, it doesn't seem like fun anymore. 

I do love adventuring, but like anything else, it has it’s shitty times, with tonight being one of them. For Instance, this photo may look like a magical time, but for the most part. I am sulking while trying to figure out life in a nutshell.

The fact is that I mess up on some days. I have a bad habit of leaving things behind, and I get very upset with myself over this. It happens I suppose, but after how many times? 

After getting the wallet back, it had been too late when I realized my identification and debit card were missing from it. I was taken advantage of when I left my belongings behind. 

As one of my favorite people in the world would tell me when I would say "It could be worse", the response would always be "It could be better". It could definitely be better, and if I were already have learned by now how to pay more attention to the things that need to get me around, It would think it would have been better. Maybe?

I am trying to understand how to throw the anger and pity out the window, and move forward from the situation. Who should I be less angry with? Me, or the Pedi Cabber who hustled me into a ride? 



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January 30th 2015

Austin, Texas -- Hope Outdoor Gallery / Castle Hill / Graffiti Park

~ Life Goes On ~

I may have gotten some of my stuff taken away from me, but it is all stuff that is replaceable. 

I was chatting with 3 young looking adults, early collage age I suppose. We talked about this bag that lay here on the ground. The girl who owned it indulged to me, that her close friend did the art on it, before she died of a heroin overdose. I myself have seen a lot of people go down that same path of addiction. Someone that I raised was addicted to that horror or the drug and the reality she was living in. Luckily, she survived and has even started self-recovery and discovery. 

I may have gotten my “belongings” taken, but my life is still here. I feel humbled to write this sentence for the world to see. I am still here, and if you can read this, so are you.

Reminder - Never smoke.