~ Habihats by TechnoPrincess ~

I had a ton of fun doing a photoshoot with a new friend named Lauren, who goes by her famous name TechnoPrincess. She has these really BADASS hats she creates and hand paints and customizes. 

Lauren has many good qualities that I love about her. She is very creative, spunky, loving and genrous! This girl is someone I hope I can spend more time with when I come back to town. Her hats are so unique and not to mention are one of a kind. If you have an idea about a certain hat you want, she will find a way to make it happen. Passion and devotion run through Miss TechnoPrincess veins. 

Also, she is one to never take a bad picture, it’s impossible for her to look bad, even when she’s goofin.

We traced through the woods of Ravenna Park, while jamming out with a radio, switching up hats and costumes, and of course, catching some sun on this beautiful day.

Get our own customized Habihat by the lovely Techno DiscoPrincess!

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