|| Carnaval ||

Austin, Texas 2015

I was invited over to housewarming/Pre-Carnaval party, by a couch surfer I had connected with last year when I was in Austin. It was a good time for him to invite me out, and it was a good opportunity to take some photos. I super thank you Geno for that invite out!

After having a few Brazilian drinks, that contained fresh strawberries, limes, and lots of booze called Cachaça, I had been convinced to come to the actual party that was being hosted at the Events center, and I would be “Sponsored” and wouldn't have to worry about paying for a ticket.

The group of lovely people at Genos party kept telling me it wasn't something I should miss, and that there would be plenty of opportunities for some photos. Everything had seemed to line up for me, so how could I refuse? To Carnaval I went!

Pre Carnaval Housewarming Party

Carnaval - Palmer Events Center

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