|| Whidbey Island Getaway || Washington State ||

After shooting the wedding in Bellingham Washington, there was no rush to leave to state just yet. Chuck had one week, and so did I, so we decided to go an island adventure getaway. Whidbey Island is a ferry ride over the sound, located about an hour north of Seattle.

This included camping at Deception Pass, exploring Fort Casey, wandering around the rhododendron park and staying in the back yard of at Airbnb spot.


I came here as a kid a few times with the family. I remember walking up the beach trail, and then onto the bridge itself. I was a wee little human being, on this gigantic bridge. I was trying to figure what it meant to be a human was, and how come we were so small? I thought the solution was to throw my plastic bottle over the railing, you know why? Neither did I. My step dad saw this and wasn’t so happy with my choices. He was pissed, and I felt foolish.

The next time I came back to the pass was the summer after I graduated high school. This was on a surprise camping trip with a handful of friends, and a good amount of people whom I conveniently forgot the names of by now… but most of the crew didn’t want to make it to the end of the beach trail once we were half way there. A half mine to the bridge, and there was in coming rain (go figure Washington). We ran like wolves trying to get back to our campsite. We never did make it back.

But here I am, once again faced with the beach trail that leads to Deception Pass Bridge. 1 mile in, and I was going to try my damnedest to get to the very end this time. Along the beach Chuck and I were making music and taking photos, when a guy comes around the bend of a huge rock and starts taking photos of his own, of us, on the down low. Sly guy he was. We made conversation with a local photographer, a guy who scouts spots in the area for commercials.

When we made it to the end, I went out as far as I could just to say I did. Chuck just had to top it by going even higher up and further out. No broken bones, and our cameras in tack, no rain, shoes full of sand, and colorful rocks that I picked up accompanied me. I had made it back to the bridge!


Prepare to take a walk back in time, because this place is something you probably haven’t seen much before. Considering this fort stated being built in 1897, it has seem some action. On the sight there is a large lush green field, where people now fly kites and have picnics. The sight itself has close up cannons and many tunnels and concrete rooms to explore. We also decided to do an impromptu music video in mysterious looking room.

WIKI “Most of Fort Casey's guns and mortars were removed during World War I, when they were mounted on railcars to serve as mobile heavy artillery. Some of these weapons were returned to the fort after the war, and were scrapped during World War II as 16-inch guns and other weapons at other forts superseded them.


The rhodies were in bloom, and there were bee's everywhere. Not much more to see that that. Oh yeah.. and Chuck jumped in a bed of fallen flowers just for a photo. That was the real main attraction for the day!


The Airbnb spot included an RV onsite, loads of hot tub time, a fire pit with endless amount of wood, hammock swaying between the back yard trees, and the most delicious cheese and wine from our generous host Roger… it was pure delight and a private affair. 

|| A Blissful Baker Wedding ||

With the majority of people I meet I am never sure if I am going to see them again. Most of the time this is why I like to take photos of my encounters, for keepsakes. I never know where these photos will lead, but unknown to me, this one lead to a magical moment for them.

It was back in 2014 that I met Jeanette and Tasha, after taking a photo of them at the Pike Place Market.

A year later, while I was living my winter across the states in Texas, my inbox had an unread message from some folks back in Washington. The message I received was one that put a permanent smile on my face.



Last January you snapped a picture of Jeanette and I in Seattle in front of Emery while he sang happy birthday to my love. Later that day she proposed to me on the pier. The picture you took of us is our favorite and we both follow you on Facebook and love your photography and the way capture perfect moments and we would love it if you were the one to capture the moments on our magical day.”


And of course I would. These two brought in magical moments, so why would I want to miss that? So last weekend was a game changer in the photography world for me. I was invited and hired to shoot a wedding, which officially made it my first! I am honored to have been a part of Jeannette and Tasha's unforgettable wedding in the beautiful Pacific Northwest of Bellingham Washington.

After many smiles, laughter and tears, the wedding came to an end, but the moments of matrimony began. I thought it would be a good idea to pick the brains of these two newlyweds, on pre wedding jitters and post wedding spirits!

Simple enough - How did you two meet?

Tasha: After being home in November for my great grandma’s birthday, I decided that I needed to move back home to the west coast. I wanted to transfer to Western Washington University (in Bellingham) to finish my degree, so I created an OkCupid account to find potential roommates/friends/networks in Bellingham. On November 3rd, 2013 I got a message from a really cute brunette telling me I’m really beautiful and wishing me a good weekend. Because I was only looking for friends and nothing romantic (as per my profile stated) I didn’t respond to the cute brunette for a few days. But then I couldn’t stop thinking about her and I would check out her pics and want to write back but wasn't sure if it was a good idea. Turns out it was the best idea I’ve ever had. As soon as I wrote back to Jeanette, we never stopped talking.

Jeanette: I joined OkCupid in September of 2013 because I had moved back to North Dakota where there are next to no lesbians. I used it for a month and wasn’t getting any responses from women I had tried to contact. I deactivated my account and forgot about it until about a month later when I decided to give it another shot and took off all location restrictions so I was able to see basically anyone who had an account. The second I saw Tasha’s profile I had to write to her. I said, “Hey I just wanted to let you know I think you are beautiful and I hope you’re having a good weekend.” One thing I forgot to mention about OkCupid is that it tells you if anyone has visited your profile (I’m talking about any time any person clicks on your profile, so it could be the same person looking at it throughout the day). After I wrote the message to Tasha she visited my profile A LOT. I kept thinking to myself why is she looking at my profile but not talking to me? Is she shy? Am I being laughed at? A whopping 3 days later I hear back from her, and we’ve been together ever since.

Give me a word that describes pre wedding, and post wedding!

Tasha: Pre-wedding word: Chaos Post-wedding word: Bliss

Jeannette: Pre-wedding word: Chaotic Post-wedding word: Bliss (I SWEAR WE WROTE THESE SEPARATELY!!!) 

In terms marriage, what does it mean to the both of you. How are you looking to fulfill this new role as a lifetime partner?

Tasha: To me, marriage is the creation of a new life that is bigger than just myself. I’ve become a wife and partner to the person I love most. I look forward to learning and exploring all parts of Jeanette so that I know when, how and where I am needed to support her. It means solving problems together, creating a happy peaceful life with her and a family of our own.

Jeanette: Marriage to me means we are now together as one. For me, everything from this moment on is how it works for the both of us. I hope to fulfill my new role as Tasha’s wife and life partner by loving her, caring for her and providing for our family we have now and the family we plan to create. I hope we always keep adventure in our lives, and share it with our children.

A shout out and BIG thank you to my second shooter, Chuck Manley, the greatest photographer I know. Half of these shots weren't possible without the help and assistance and creative brain power from this magical being!

A closing word from the brides! - We just want to thank you (and Chuck!) once again, for all of your hard work and talent. We will cherish these pictures forever and will never forget you for it. Please, let us know if you’re ever in the area again it would be so wonderful to see you!

Love, Tasha and Jeanette Baker ;)

Gabriel Wolfchild & The Northern Light {In Studio}

I feel like I was in Seattle at the perfect time. I was going through a creative artistic band craze. A friend of mine asked me if I would be able to help out shoot a music video for him and his band, Gabriel Wolfchild & The Northern Light. 

           ||| Fun Fact - You might have caught Gabe on the hit NBC show - The Voice |||

Filming was going to take place at the London Bridge Studio during the live recording. This is a place where many talented artist have recorded their albums. Some artists including, Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, and my personal favorite? Soundgarden!

 A few other camera men and myself were there to capture the moments of appreciation and gratitude while the talented musicians collaborated in unison.

Thank god for amazing artists, and those who can get together to create something beautiful.