|| Enchanted Forest Gathering ||

Right off the 101 is a land called Black Oak Ranch. This is a place where Oak trees and the Grateful Dead have common ground. It's was filled with many familiar faces from many other festivals. Each time I attend a festival, there seems to be one thing that stands out from the rest, and EFG is one that focuses on being a family-friendly and non alcohol event, that being said "Get saucy, not sauced" held importance to EFG and the attendees.

 - Sensible reason -

-"Traveling to Black Oak Ranch in Laytonville, California for Enchanted Forest is something magical all on its own. Driving through kitsch towns and towering trees has a real “American road trip” quality to it and pulling directly off of highway 101 to enter the venue is almost hilarious. Can you imagine seeing a festival going on right off of the highway and a bunch of festival kids driving their packed-to-the-brim and dust-covered vans and cars straight into the shenanigans? It’s a sight to be seen."--


|| Lightning In A Bottle ||

Lightning in a bottle is on it's 16th year running. It began as a private event back in 2000 starting out as a birthday party, but in 2004 the event producers {who are now known as the Do LaB} started to host more and more festival attendees. It is unclear to how many festival goers attend LIB, but I have heard that it ranges from 25,000 - 31,000 at the sold out capacity.

The Grand Artique

Hands down, The Grand Artique had to have been my all time favorite place to be. There were many nooks and cranny's all around the old frontierville. There is a time for EDM, which had been playing at most stages, and then there is a time for live music, which was what the Grand Artique was about. A general store, {also know as the trading post} was present for anyone who wanted to do some bartering, you could partake in the fun by playing some carnival styled games, or kick back on the front porch, where you could watch either stage from that view point. I was kickin' it HARD. I had stayed up through the night on Sunday, into Monday morning, and my last moments at the festival had been at the Grand Artique, drinking whiskey and playing cards with new friends. I was seriously sad to leave this place!

This place has my <3

The Do Over

Brought to you by Fou Fou Ha!

Have you ever had to harass a drag queen in a sensual and seductive way? How about with a carrot? Well... it sure is something to see. After 5 contestants gave it a go, 2 were chosen to spin the wheel for a DO OVER. Whatever you landed on {Bowie, Punk Raw, Festie Glam, even a mystery choice} you got a make over on the spot. Strut your stuff down the cat walk and you were now even more ready for LIB!

Pumpkin Tribute

The Woogie was the place to be during the tribute to Nick. He was all about the Woogie, and everyone was all about him. It was great energy and lots of love being spread across the dance floor.

Harmonic Lights

So, there is this genius out there who really knows how to work a camera, a crowd and a very creative light wand. He goes by Harmonic Lights, and let me tell you what, these shots are 100 % unedited and will in fact blow your mind.

The Gong Sanctuary

This year I was able to do some hands on sound bath work. For 4 hours each day I was able to help with sound therapy to all the people who came in the space to enjoy and relax. After I did my first sound bath at Lucidity, I was hooked. I was asked to help out in the space this year and I felt honored and rewarded to be able to do so.

The Last Sunrise

Serenity Gathering 2016

The transformational festival season is ahead of us, and we can all be glad that there is opportunity to gather with our friends and family! To be surrounded by the beautiful people at Serenity was something that my heart, body and mind needed! I am excited to see what the festival season brings us all!