|| JMSN in LA ||

A few weeks back while I was in Los Angeles, I was able to capture a very talented artist Christian Berishaj in his own home and studio. The artist, also know as– JMSN (pronounced Jameson), is a local from Detroit but is now residing and working in LA.

I was asked by Zipr Magazine, a Detroit based magazine, to get some shots of this soul fulfilling artist. I was happy to do so.


Check out his new video, also shot in same location!

Gabriel Wolfchild & The Northern Light {In Studio}

I feel like I was in Seattle at the perfect time. I was going through a creative artistic band craze. A friend of mine asked me if I would be able to help out shoot a music video for him and his band, Gabriel Wolfchild & The Northern Light. 

           ||| Fun Fact - You might have caught Gabe on the hit NBC show - The Voice |||

Filming was going to take place at the London Bridge Studio during the live recording. This is a place where many talented artist have recorded their albums. Some artists including, Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, and my personal favorite? Soundgarden!

 A few other camera men and myself were there to capture the moments of appreciation and gratitude while the talented musicians collaborated in unison.

Thank god for amazing artists, and those who can get together to create something beautiful.