|| Sunkissed by Seattle Summer ||

|| Spring has Sprung ||

Seattle, Washington || Alki Beach

The weather is getting to that point now where people are walking around outdoors, talking to one another again, and doing it so without that Seattle freeze attitude. It feels so nice! After a long winter, it's about that time to get out those short-sleeved shirts and sundresses. It's time to feel the sun touch your skin and show off those tattoos.

Breathe in the fresh PNW air and just BE.

~ Big props to Jesse being the best male model that he is! We pulled this off on such short notice and it was worth it ~
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|| Swingset + Columbia City Theater ||


"Seattle-based playground soul music. we arc, accelerate, fly. ask us about our swinging technique"

Swingset plats at the Bourbon Bar in the Rainer neighborhood in Seattle.

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|| Wild Child + The Crocodile ||

It was a sold-out show at the Seattle music venue staple - The Crocodile in Belltown. Wild ChildStelth Ulvang

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Wild Child rocked the night into a blissful state of all the feels. Not only am I a huge fan of them, but there was a room full of many more. I have Wild Child a handful of times in Seattle, Austin, Texas, and even won tickets to their show in San Francisco. I have been listening to them from the beginning. Once when I thought about getting a tattoo, and I briefly thought of getting the Wild Child logo permanently attached to my body. (I'm still tattoo'less though)

I knew the room was full of fans when I was up front taking photos I could hear harmonious waves of the audience singing towards the stage. It was the first show I have heard that many people sing along to all their songs, from their first newest album, Expectations, to their very first, Pillow Talk. 

"Wild Child won't settle. For seven years now the Austin-based ensemble has carried its infectious blend of indie-pop and infectious melodies across the international music scene, charting viral hits and wrapping their arms around a diverse and dedicated fan base. But earlier this year when the band set out to make their fourth studio album, they found they had their hands full: After half a decade of maturation, the group had grown beyond its traditional writing and recording process." (Read More Here)

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The moment this band got on stage it was pure fun and joy! From running around a keyboard while singing into a rotating mic, to jumping on a small wooden briefcase on stage and using it as another platform. At one point Stelth Ulvang invited someone from the audience to come up on the random. "I need someone who can really play though, more than just a few chords". a guy right behind gets noticed at as he says "I can do it. I am a jazz musician, I got this!" He is invited to hop on stage, and once he does he gets so down with it! Not only is the audience in shock and feeling giddy, but the band is impressed as well.

|| Earthday Bearthday Show ||

"We will be celebrating 4:20 on stoner time this year, a day late, and Earth Day a day early! Right smack-DAB in the middle of those two fabulous days is 4/21, a Saturday! We invite you to join us, just north of seattle in shoreline at Alive Juice Bar for some magical herbalicious funky plant jams in honor of both our Mother Earth and our mother ganja! "

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Alive Juice Bar

"Its okay to stare at an employees ass if you are discreet about it"

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Pyxie Pirates

The musical love child between the saucey Psychedelic Miss Frizzle & the wild boi of Seattle band gypsywolf Wesley Thomas

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A groovy, Seattle-based live electronic trio that blends elements of trance fusion and disco as they create a unique sonic canvas during every performance.

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The High Council

Blending rock, reggae, folk and jam into a sound all their own. Tight vocal harmonies interspersed with soaring psychedelic jams, world rhythms and funky rock grooves, fill dance floors and unite audiences in a shared celebration of music. (Check out the Thailand Tour)
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Live Painting

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Mindglitchstudio by Jade Mindglitch

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Glassblown Pieces

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Stones and Hand Crafted Jewlery

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