Kickin' it in the East Bay

The East Bay - my new escape. It seems like I cross paths here more than a few times a year.

From spending time with my close friends in Alameda, joining in on the Bike Party, and getting drunk at a friends families wedding. I always leave here wanting more! I almost even moved here. Almost.

The town of Alameda is an island off of Oakland, where I spend most of my days cuddling with corgis and going out on the town with a Facebook group called the "Alameda Peeps". 

Urban Ore

There is a huge old warehouse that lives in Berkeley and inside sits a bunch of old stuff that is up for grabs. I found a few hidden treasures in including a "Buns of Steel" VHS tape, a keyboard that has a missing D key, many dusty old records, creepy mannequins and loads of books with missing pages. 

Wedding in the Bay

One of my best buds was unexpectedly coming to the Bay for his cousins wedding. I was invited along, and my job was to get drunk and eat loads of good food. I finished that mission and made new friends in the process.