Las Vegas Virgin

"What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas"


I remember that classic cliche being spoken to me over the last 24 years. Maybe it was that saying that really detoured me from wanting to go to Vegas. But it did make me wonder, do people still say this? Was that a generational thing, or do some people really live in this rule when coming to town?

I found out this slogan was started by a marketing campaign, 10 years AGO!


"Las Vegas' "What Happens Here, Stays Here" slogan is one of the more famous taglines in modern tourism marketing and one of the most quoted, talked about, and recognized ad campaigns in any industry."


Hostel Cat

This is has been the second hostel I have stayed at on my travels. Not so long ago, I experienced my first hostel environment in the mountain town of South Lake Tahoe, cleverly named Mellow Mountain Hostel. It was a very chill place.

The Hostel Cat is famously known for being apart of the film, The Hangover. It comically shares a parking lot to a strip club), and across the street is the wedding chapel Brittney Spears famously had a shotgun wedding in, and then divorced 54 hours later.



Pro - If you have a passport with stamps, a room is low as $13. Included is free pancakes before 10 am, or until the batter is gone.

Cons - Don't expect you getting a full nights rest. It's a party hostel. 



The location is a solid one, with downtown Vegas to the west only by walking distance, and the Stratosphere serving as a backyard ambiance art piece. There are activities going on every night, such as limo rides to the Strip, and a personal “Fremont Experience” tour, by the owner. If you’re lucky (depending on how you look at it), you might get 32 people crammed into a van, when capacity was 14, which only you took you 4 blocks away, plus paying $4 for each, for gas contribution. Business is business I suppose.



I stuck my head into a couple of the Casinos. Bellagio was a recurrence. It had beautiful art installations, and a fountain that did tricks of its own.



Consumer Electronics Show

A popular and international trade show for the newest technology that is featured from many companies worldwide. 



This year some of the electronics of the future included hoover boards. Lexus made their own version called "Slide", and it doesn't even have wheels! ;)

Toyota brings the future with its FCV Plus, a concept vehicle that is made to run with hydrogen fuel.

But then there are the unlucky ones, who got the unexpected company from the Feds. The U.S. Marshals were there to kick the Chinese company out of the show.


My job this year was working as an assistant. I absolutely loved it, and my manager and me got along great, and hopefully we will be working together again in the future. 

I was able to do some mingling around the convention for a short bit. One thing I did enjoy was being able to run around on a few breaks, and meet more of the people in my marketing industry. I just love meeting people, it's kind of my thing. :D

Hostels, Hikers and Hookers

South lake Tahoe splits between two states. Nevada and California. Nevada is a place where you can get hookers (legal acceptance in prostitution), a place where you can stay in the one and only hostel in town (without a hooker of course), and a place that has plenty of places to hike to hilltops and explore.

Before I had left Sacramento, I had been browsing a bit on couch, and my search was near Lake Tahoe. I scanned over a profile, the guy named Wolfie have had over 90 positive references, and had a hostel. I had never been to Lake Tahoe, and I have never experienced staying at a hostel, so I thought, why not? I was hoping there would be a good story to come out of it.

I wanted to come to South Lake Tahoe, was to stay at a hostel that I had found on It might be shocking to hear that I have never stayed at a hostel yet in my travels. I thought my previous car had good enough space to sleep in, and best of all, it was cheap. Now that I have a van, I had found it was less likely that I would spend my money on a shared sleeping space with stranger. This time around I am on a kick for experiences.

Don’t get me wrong. When I say strangers, my definition doesn’t coincide with feelings of fright, or discomfort with someone I do not know yet.


Come find your impermanence at the Mellow Mountain Hostel! If you want to head to an exciting place tucked away in the mountains, venture to South Lake Tahoe and do just that, because it’s worth it.

There are many things to do near the hostel. Walking one block to the North of the hostel brings you in the state of Nevada. Where there it's legal to gamble and get hookers, so if you want to party it up, there is the Hard Rock Hotel down the street. If you never want to step foot into Nevada, you can chill in California, where you can start you day at the Heavenly ski resort, or eat some of the best sushi Naked Fish.

I arrived on a Friday, met Wolfie. A great guy, one with a relaxed spontaneous nature, who runs the hostel with a friend, and has his 2 dogs by his side throughout the days I was there. 

Wolfie let me know that Fridays usually mean a new crowd of travelers coming in. He offered me a beer, showed me around the place and gave me a key to my dorm, which held 2 bunks, and fitted 4 guests. I noticed there was a bed that was unmade, and that meant I had a dorm mate. I took out my ukulele while I waited for whomever it was to arrive to so I could introduce myself.