|| Sunkissed by Seattle Summer ||

|| The Central Saloon Presents: ||

3 bands, 2 from Seattle and 1 from Chile! From rhythm and soul to dropping funktronica, The Central Saloon had an audience that appreciated the music in the Pioneer Square neighborhood of downtown Seattle.

||| Headliner |||


A very beautiful band that brought the beats all the way from Chile. Fármacos has a big following and there was not one moment where I felt that they weren't giving it their all on stage. 

Brie'Ana Breeze Photography and Media - Seattle-2162.jpg

Northern Nomads

Synth Pop, New Wave, Nu Disco, Funktronica

Brie'Ana Breeze Photography and Media - Seattle-2106.jpg

crystal & Quiet

Rhythm-and-soul pop

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Brass Monkeys at Barboza | A Beastie Boys Tribute Band

I naturally spent some time hanging out with many bands and musicians while I was in Seattle, mostly because I know a lot of people in bands. It's the Seattle thing to do.

One of my good friends, Alex, invited me along to a show he was playing in Capitol Hill, at Barboza.

This night I was shooting the Brass Monkeys, a cover band of the Beastie Boys. There was not a dry mouth in the house with
all the popular PBR's sitting on the edge's ledge's of the joint.

But before the Brass Monkeys, there was a tribute to all boy bands I grew up by, All4Doras. It was kinda cute. This was something that I was glad to see in a bar, even on that rare occasion I am in one.