|| Branches Mobile Gallery at Lucidity || {VIDEO}

It wouldn't be the same Lucidity we know and love without the wonderful crew who puts Branches Mobile Gallery together, the artists who fill in space with their creations and crafts, the musicians and DJ's who produce waves of sound vibrations to get us in motion, and to Melissa Redwood Sprout CommuniTea - for filling us up with the good stuff and looking like a tea boss all day - every day!

"Branches Mobile Gallery is a traveling fine art gallery as well as a stage & shade structure design company. By creating a warm, well-lit, site responsive earthen Gallery environment Branches Mobile Gallery brings artists and event participants together. Utilizing bamboo, branches, lighting and fabrics we showcase the best multi-genre contemporary art being created today."

- 2016 -

- 2015 -

|| Lucidity Festival ~ Crossroads ||

I have been looking forward to Lucidity ALL YEAR LONG, and that is not an exaggeration. When I attended last year’s Lucidity – Kindred Quest, I felt like I was living in a dream world. I was in a place where the festival was being built up by the community. Where people would come in, plug in, and contribute in any way possible to make this festival happen. I describe Lucidity as my family reunion, and this year was 5 of of the 6 saga!

Build Crew – Volunteers - Leads - To all you warriors!

Thank you. Seriously, thank you!

The work I see put into this event gives me such joy! I absolutely love being apart of this community where I can forward to plugging in each year. People who inspire hard work and love in the same place is the kind of place I like to be. 

Branches Mobile Gallery

Branches is a traveling fine arts gallery that brings together structural artists who are able to sell and share their art in the space they have created connection and creativity. This year I was excited to come back to document the Branches Mobile Gallery, like I had the last. 


but don't be shy, and check out my video from last year! Lucidity - Kindred Quest

I felt transformed when I saw the space come together in less than one weeks time. There is so much hard work and dedication that go into setting up an art gallery. From constructing bamboo walls into place, to hanging and securing glass pieces and circus framed fabric from ceilings, to tearing it all down….. I have the greatest admiration.

This year the lounging area was placed in the middle of the gallery. A great spot to kick back and take a few sips of tea from the Redwood Sprout CommuniTEA Lounge, where plushy rugs and pillows were available, along with being engulfed by out of this world art from many talented artists. A custom LED DJ booth gave the best light show to the on going audiences who came rolling through, and every night from midnight to 2 am there was an acoustic set.

There was a circular walking space on the outside of the lounging area of Branches. On the beautiful bamboo walls hung art, and in the middle of the walking path sit a few art boxes that included mirrors and lights and a space where you could stick your head in. It was such a trip to play with this kind of art!

Lucid University

This year they really amped it up by offering courses at the Lucid University, providing 3-day intensives: dynamic courses designed to offer immersive educational experiences.

Intro to Permaculture Design Certification + Embodiment & Leadership + Lucid Dreaming + Art & Creativity + Reiki Healing 1 & 2

"Lucidity solidified the phenomenon that I had started to sense occurring—the essence of the word “family” taking on a whole new meaning. With the growth of our transformational festival community, the word “family” is becoming more than simply a term to reference blood relatives, even more than one to reference close friends. It has inevitably become the only word that can accurately describe the oneness of the tribe we have grown to be. I have long begun to refer to these beings as "family" but little did I realize that they'd inevitably come to be r e a l f a m i l y. And I mean real, real family. (Wow. I fuggin love you guys.)"

Nomads Nook

This year in Nomads nook held a tender and soulful presence. A tribute to Pumpkin was held at an official time and date, but from the time of the build and into the festival, people were there to celebrate for Nick 

The tribute to Pumpkin in the Nook was an emotional one. There was so MUCH LOVE that was being spread across the dance floor. There was many literal signs of love, Pumpkin pins, and the many embraces being exchanged by one another throughout the set. I was tearing up at the sight of this, and felt how much I enjoy the fact that I was there to capture these moments and events.

{How Pumpkin reminded me}

To the many good times ahead!

"It's often been said that you learn more from losing than you do from winning. I think, if you're wise, you learn from both. You learn a lot from a loss. You learn what is it that we're not doing to get to where we want to go. It really gets your attention and it really motivates the work ethic of your team when you're not doing well."  -Morgan Wootten

Crossroads Stage

I enjoyed many moments at the Crossroads Stage this year. From the children’s parade into the opening ceremony, to feeling the positive presence of my past family, and the reminder of bringing back gratitude of those lived before us, who looked after us while we were still young and had no ability to take care of ourselves. To loving those around is in any situation, to care and to connect. 

There were art installations, live painters, and flow artists lining all around the crossroads stage, and it was a beautiful sight to see!

Violinist HÄANA brought the beats by day, and Haywyre brought his by night.  

I was taken back when I saw the love pouring out of Mike Love during his performance. I hope to give him my gratitude in the flesh someday. He made me feel alive, loved, and conscious about human nature and our coexisting ways.

Trixsters Playground

Trixsters had a huge space this year, and they used it well! From building temples, to creating sailboats, there was always something going up and lots of helping hands to make it all happen! 

Trixsters had a ton of great live bands that played during the festival, one of them being the Rainbow Girls! My oh my, they make me want to live that kind of band life! I first encountered them at the Pikes Place market, on the corner that I busk on myself. They were beautiful souls taking on the world with their soul fulfilling infection rhythm and love. I was able to capture them on video and shortly after made a short film with them featured in it. Would you believe me when I say I have been trying to get THIS VIDEO to them for the past 2 years!

Many people in the Trixster family are a piece of mine. <3

The Pyro Bar

One of my favorite places in the world to be is sitting on top of the Pyro Bar. An art car that has been to burning man many times, has held wedding ceremony's, and countless cuddle puddles. A group of us were in tears this year from laughing so much about a joke - A joke that consisted of the Pyro Bar burning up along the highway to burning man. Just think about it for a minute, because it just gets funnier as the time passes. 

Lucidity is a place where you can come to explore yourself in ways you never knew possible. There is something for everybody. I can name a few - Courseweek, Yoga, Dance, Flow Arts, Live Painting, Live Drawing, Music, Exploration, Self Expression, ect... there is so much to see and experience in this community of Lucidity. 

Thank you for the golden memories Lucidity family. You are always the slice of the pie I crave, and the satisfaction that follows is delightful. I look forward to the next.