Strolling the San Fernando Valley

I have been in and out of LA for the past few weeks. The last few trips I had through LA were pretty awful, and I didn't have the fun I had been looking for, but that all changed when one of my best friends moved back to the area, now I can't seem to get away.


Aliso Canyon

This was the first choose your own adventure for my friend Eamonn and I. We decided to go on a mini stroll through a canyon that I kept forgetting the name of. This canyon holds space for a dried up creek bed, along with community criticism for the gas leak that estimated 97,100 tonnes of methane and 7,300 tonnes of ethane that was released into the atmosphere, making it the worst natural gas leak in U.S. history in terms of its environmental impact.

I can't help but think that Eamonn resembles all three of these things - A nug of weed, a tree trunk or simply put - "dirt". He blends in with the nature around him, making him the most grounded person that I have ever met.

Malibu Creek

We had a gang out people join us on the next voyage! Along for the hike we had a total of 6. Malibu creek is a canyon in the Santa Monica Mountains, and to get to the water where there is many rock formations to jump off of, you have to hike about a mile from the road, and my gawdddd it was gorgeous. This place was once owned by 20th century fox and once was used as a movie ranch. A few films that were filmed on location include Planet of the Apes, and the Tarzan series.

Stoney Point

A place where rock climbers and hikers unite for a easy and fun trek up and down many rock formations. We went on an exploration, and we went with rock climbing gear.

I become a bit nervous when we arrived and there were rattlesnake signs, but I realized soon enough that I should be more afraid of falling face first with the one hand I had available for climbing up rock faces. I practically do everything one handed now (The life of a photographer)