|| Seeking Adventure in Santa Barbara ||

I got back to the SB area in mid May, and when I did, I was ready to see what it had to offer. A friend invited me to stay up in the mountains where my van would be safe from any parking tickets. I got the best of both worlds by sightseeing the town by day, and sleeping the mountains by night fall.  

Big Caliente Hot Springs

I have talked to people who live around SB, and some of them have no clue where this Hot Spring is. Maybe that is a good thing, because it’s offers more of a private affair. After an hour of driving on windy roads, cresting along the tops of mountains and driving another hour on a dirt road filled with pot holes, the destination was in sight. There are 3 different pools onsite, one big one towards the front of the property, and then 2 smaller ones next to each other hidden inland about 50 feet, under trees and along the bottom side of the mountain. It was well kept up and it was the cleanest hot spring I had been to.

Edward Clynes

I was able to meet up with another photographer friend, Mr. Edward Clynes. We both enjoy shooting festivals, and we so happened to connect the last time I was in town. This time around we didn't go shoot the ocean waves and sunset off of Hendrys Beach, but instead Edward invited me to a photoshoot he was doing. Where I could get some hands on experience in studio work. I learned a lot about setting up steel rigs, which held up lighting and backdrops. I would love to do something like this again.

Amgen Tour of California

Perched on the mountain top for the morning, I was able to get some really awesome and rare shots from a property line up on Gibraltar Rd. Officials close off the bottom of the road in the morning for the racers who are making their way up to the finish line. I was excited to hear that Gibraltar road is a top track that professionals look forward to climbing.

Farmers Markets and Santa Barbara spaces

Ventura Beer Festival

Surf 'n' Suds

The past 2 years, I have had the honor to shoot for Lucidity Music Festival which is located near Santa Barbara, in the mountains at Camp Live Oak. When I was in town I got connected with the Lucidity team, because they were in need of some helping hands to build shade structures for the Ventura Beer festival. Shade structure are a must when it comes to drinking and sitting in the sun! I was able to come plug in, take photos, securing stretchy fabric (known as lycra) over the propped up bamboo poles that we placed around the event space.

The following day was event day, and it was a success! It seemed as if the shaded areas were packed with people and they were being utilized.