Seattle ---- > Redding, CA

My last week in Seattle was a good one. I made the best of my life in the city, and met the most amazing people in her playground. I know when I look back to my early twenties, and even when I look back now, I feel very lucky to have had that opportunity, to live there as long as I did.

I spent my last days visiting people that I loved, people that have grown from community, to a family. I gave away some personal gifts, along with my love. I did a day of venturing in the different neighborhoods in Seattle, taking photos for the memory bank, and leaving all of it with the joy I have stored up in my heart. 

But first, Thelmas had to get fixed... that time was spent at my parents house.

My last night home, I spent it resting and reminiscing in my lil ole apartment. I marked it as I left with my #Bosomebody and This Is A Good Sign Stickers, which play a significant part in my journey ahead at this moment in time.

After I parked up by Beacon hill to give one last gaze at the city, the one that I had a privilege to live in, to grow from, it was such a beautiful piece of my puzzle. When I felt that I had nobody, I always found something in this place to keep me growing. 


Seattle ---- > Portland, OR

I picked up Chuck from the Airport, and we went to Portland from there. We got to Portland early morning, so we went to a lookout spot of the city, and checked out Powells Bookstore. 

Me and Chuck both have people in Portland who are very near and dear to us. We were able to spend some time with both of them. 

Rob is one of Chucks dearest friend, who has been able to host us for the second time while in Portland. Rob is such a wonderful guy who is so generous and so passionate about life in itself. He is someone who is excited about changing things for the better. 

Portland, OR ----> Eugene, OR 

It was a toss of the coin. Heads, we were going to the Red Woods, and tails led us the Mt.Shasta. Flip of coin was tails. Mt.Shasta was the nearest destination ahead. We ended up picking up a hitchhiker who is from Texas, right outside of Portland, and he was headed to Eugene. 

Eugene ---- > Mt. Shasta 

We arrived at dark. Gathered what we needed to for a fire, and food. I was pretty much freezing all night. That is what I get when I am not 100% prepared for camping. We made due. I woke up the next morning feeling groggy, and had to go out on a walk around the campground. I wasn't sure what to think yet. I was in Mt.Shasta, and it was beautiful, but what was I really doing?. I juggled a bit, took some photos, and at one point, a deer looking creature came into our camp and came close for some food. Before we left Mt.Shasta, we went off to Castle Lake for a swim, and a bit of a hike. 

Mt. Shasta, CA ---- > Dunsmuir, CA

Stopped off in Dunsmuir before we were to hit Redding, CA. We were told to check out some waterfalls in that area, by some train tracks. Long story short, the waterfall is on the other side of the river, and we ended up driving through some property of some cult. We were not welcomed at all, and it was clear after we asked for some directions to the waterfall we were looking for. We parked a few miles away by the community pool and went on a walk through the trails of Dunsmuir. 

Dunsmuir, CA ----> Redding, CA

Steve is a couch surfing host who had Chuck over the last time Chuck had passed through Redding. Steve heard we were coming through and offered us to stay at his place. Not only did Steve let us stay over, he took us to some amazing hot springs, and a righteous waterfall. Steve drove us, and it was an hour and a half driving distance from his pad! We had delicious Steve Margaritas, did a mini waxing party with my nostrils, and had the most fun with the violet wand. 

Hunt Hot Springs

 This was a beautiful spot on private property, but the owner is such a generous guy who lets people on his land to enjoy the hot springs, and the river that runs along right next to it. There was optional clothing allowed, but mostly everyone was nude. It was something I have checked off my bucket list. 

Hatchet Falls

When we were about to pack up and and go, a family came in, and most of them had climbed the cliff to jump it. There was one girl in particular who had a tough time in deciding if she was going to go or not. At that point, everyone had done it, and she was in that process of fear. I won't even consider jumping off a cliff into water, no thanks, not my thing. But, that fear is something she had to overcome, and she did it. 

Jumping off that cliff into the unknown was a coming to terms moment, with that adventurous fear. She was doing it, the same time I was. 

So can everyone else. Jump into the unknown, and get right into what you really want to be doing. 

Relaxing on my couch surfers sofa. Writing for the first time in awhile, and it feels a bit more balanced.