|| Seattle to Santa Cruz ||

When I was in my main land of the PNW I didn’t get to see the many people I love and adore. I shot a wedding, and had island get away time. It was private, relaxed, and stress free. In fact, the only time I was in the city was the day I was to drop off my friend Chuck off at the airport. We paled around Capitol Hill on May Day.

I was now headed towards Sacramento to a small town called Pine Grove, population just over 2,000. If you know where Pine Grove is, I am amazed.  Windy roads, big trucks, horses, chickens and wild turkeys are common around these parts.

A friend Lucas needed to get back down to Santa Barbara, which was perfect timing because I’ve been looking for an excuse to get back to the beautiful SB! Lucas took me around to explore Jackson, the ‘big’ town in Amador County, double the population of Pine Grove. 


I know that Sac-town doesn't have the best reputation when it comes to touristy things to do. In fact the capitol of California was once rated one of the worse cities in America. However, I find that to be untrue. I like Sacramento. I never have trouble finding something to do there. This time around I ate the best lamb burger you could ask for at Burgers and Brew, walked around Old Town and stumbled upon a spaceship at a park.

Mt. Diablo

I like to think I am a seasoned camper and have a good amount of knowledge when it comes to recommending some great campgrounds. Mount Diablo is definitely one of those places! On the drive up the mountain there are many signs that direct you to look out for bikers on the small windy road, and to leave your alcohol behind, because it is banned. At almost 4,000 ft, the scenery is unreal.

Santa Cruz

Beach towns. I love em. They offer a sense of lightness and clarity. When I can hear the ocean, I can reflect on my own thoughts without struggle. This time in SC was a short one. The few hours spent here were walking from the beach to eating at "Pizza My Heart"