San Francisco, CA!

Back on the road, and leaving Redding. Destination, San Francisco, and before rush hour. Thelma is doing fantastic, and everything seems to go smoothly, until we actually reach the city, and it is frantic with vehicles. Mine being the biggest. I don’t like driving here, and it obvious and apparent that I shouldn't be driving. I have been driving in the city highway for a couple miles when I already have had two incidents where I was scolded by two drivers who used their horn appropriately towards me.  I wanted to get to Kylers pad before Thelma hurts someone. I was counting down the miles and minutes until I could park Thelma, every mile closer was good news. 

I had met Kyler back in Seattle a couple months before my departure of Seattle. We barely got to have a conversation in because I was working, and he was visiting some family, so we played a game of pool together, and exchanged info. We never were able to hang out before he went back home. We had managed to minimally stay in contact with one another. Kyler had offered me to stay at his pad if I ever get the chance to be in SF, so here I was, headed to his pad. 

We had finally arrived to the address that my gps had very shitily guided us to. The neighborhood was so beautiful, and the house itself was absolutely enchanting. 

While we waited to hear back from Kyler, Chuck and I started to graze on some food we had with us. I, was eating straight out of the peanut butter jar, and probably had some on my face. Chuck was eating corn on the cob, barefoot. We had joked around about Kyler coming out of this house and seeing us just like this, and we had a chuckle about it. Right when the time seemed to slip by with that fun thought, Kyler DID come out.

We shared that joke right away, and it was hilarious. 

Kyler was such an amazing host! He took us to so many view points of the city, such as Twin Peaks, and a place called Grand View Park {Also known as Turtle Hill if your cool}. To a graduation party at Golden Gate Park, with tons of beer, food, and an adult bouncy house, made for children, to a Giants Game, and to plenty of the best bars in town. Again, best host to have in San Fran. Love that guy!

Twin Peaks

Strikingly beautiful high spot of the city. The fog was rolling in from the bay, and the city was clear. They also had one of my favorite creatures grazing on the hillside. City grazing goats. But, don't be fooled, it was chilly. 

Mount Davidson

Turtle Hill

Giants Game

Kyler got us tickets for the Giants Game. We unfortunately didn't get to sit with him, so we decided to spread cheer to the fans of baseball. Good signing at the Giants game. The mission was to get on the big screen. We were on the move too much to be put on the big screen, but at one point the sign got put on camera from some news station that was there for the game. 

When someone acknowledges the sign with “That IS a good sign!”, 
best response to give? “That’s a good attitude!”

Bar Photos

21st Amendment Brewery. Watermelon beer! Highly suggest you try it out. 

City Exploring

This time in San Fran I got to get to know someone that I worked with at an event from the last time I was in town. He is now one of my favorite people in the world – Shad,or Shadrach {Pronounced Shad-a-rack} if you want to feel like you have the coolest friend in the world.

Shad came up to me when I was working this last event for Google this time around. “Brie’, hey, whats up? How are you? You were in the “Seattle Crew” right? And just like that, we became best friends. And believe me when I say hes your best friend too. Shad is everyone’s best friend. He’s just that kind of guy.

After we got off work, Shad took Chuck and I to Pier 28, where he Pedi Cabs. We had 1 bike, and 3 people. I sat on Shads bike seat, while Shad peddled in the standup position. Chuck was using the “Bike share” bike. We rode in the middle of the city streets like real city people. It was thrilling! That was until my leg cramped up from the awkward seating arrangement, then I got off the bike, and back on Shads bike, by myself, and with some difficulty rode to the Pier 28. It was now my crotch that was in pain. 

Pier 28

Pier “whatever” is what I hear when someone speaks of any kind of pier. Until I fell in San Francisco Pier love with this one.

This Pier is not accessible to the public. The Pedi Cab drivers have the home base at the Pier, and this is the backyard to the space. 

Shadrach took us on a awesome ride with the Pedi Cab around sunset. He rode the pedi cab to a special spot for some grub. I was told to not tell where it is, and I won’t.

Sorry guys, its code. 

It was time to leave the city, and head toward Utah, instead of my original plan of San Diego. 

After a few days in San Fran, I had to figure out where to go next. I was torn between going to San Diego or the Rainbow Gathering, with connections falling through, I was in Panic.

Stay tuned for my meltdown in my next post.