Now or... when?

When I made up my mind to do this trip, I told myself 6 months and NO later. As my time passed, I saw myself making more excuses to push the date. Granted, they were only the best excuses one can have.

Rockin the Positive Peace Paint

I was getting a new awesome deal with my housing partnership. This was to get me into an apartment for a year, for free. I don’t know who wouldn't take that option, because it was something that seemed great, if it were me a year back.  After a few months of looking for something that was tying me down, the luck was running out before it could even start.

In the midst of all this, I had something in my life that I had been looking for, and something I think I needed.

Goodbye lil cute studio. I heave learned so much from this space. My own sacred space. 

I have heard people all my life tell me “You can create your own family”, because mine wasn't something I necessarily had that family bond with. I had heard it, over, and over and over again. I heard “You can create your own family” 4 times in 1 year that I finally just thought of myself, my independent, as my own family. I wasn't bitter about it, I just didn't want to feel like I was the odd one out. I had drawn the short stick when it came to having a place to call “home”. I had taken in my own feelings for once, and realized I have to do things for me now.

It was shortly after that I announced that I was going to go on a trip to document the journey, because I needed to give myself the adventure my heart wanted. What I didn't realize was how much I would fall in love with this city. 

As I prepared for the trip, the apartment deal came and swooped in, and I was spending a lot of time at the Pike Place Market, in The Local Color (Coffee Shop). I noticeably became aware of my surroundings, and how gracious the market had become to my personal life. I was around people who loved life, and spent every day doing what they saw as a real means to life.

I found a home at the market, and its hard to leave after what I have been searching fore, was there. I had a different kind of family, that I pictured myself having. A community

I had finally found the family that I wanted, the one I created subconsciously had been placed in front of me, and I didn't notice it until I left for Austin. It hit me when I went to do some work, and the coffee shop just wasn't the same. I sat down, and thought “I miss the market, I miss home”. It's that coffee shop, I can say I fell in love with in my 20's 

"I fell in love

with a coffee shop…

Just like the cliché version of some young attractive single women


Sometimes with joe, and sometimes with chai

I am never forgetting to write to myself, because...

Sometimes ...


I crave love letters too

So here I am, writing myself one.

Me the beautiful bee buzzing,


wandering around the barriers of the city limits

I don’t know if walking through the city,


around its boundaries and buildings,

makes me feel comforted, Or constricted


It is me who is a tourist in her own city

A camera her best friend, her treasure and time capsule"

A good friend from the market, and me, went down to San Fran for a trip. We drove down in my 1985 Grand Marquis (Thelma is the name), and when we got there, we had separate schedules until the very last night. He saw how much of a stress ball I was, and gave me just the right medicine. The Beach, Booze, and Music. 

Alex and Brie' while Jamming out. - We do a good job of that. 

Life was good again. We wrote a song, played an open mic, and just relaxed. He recently moved down there for a bit, and came back to give me a good piece of advice

~~ If you leave the nest, you will be able to bring back another piece of you to share. The people who have seen you grow, will see the progress and importance of you, on your return. ~~

A few days later I told him that what he said really resonated with me and why I have a greater purpose to go now. – It’s like putting the key into the ignition, but not knowing the reason to turn it. – That saying was my signal to turn the key. Now I can set off.  I have a mission with a place to come back to. 

I finally have sought to cut my losses with my apartment and to have to search end. I am selling most of my shit, packing up and out. 

I plan to get as many smiles from strangers as possible on my journey. I hope to do the same with my photos for everyone who continues to follow the adventure ahead.

I hope to keep growing, experiencing, and eventually will come back to the nest with a new self-worth, so excuse me, I have a trip to attend to. I leave this coming Sunday. 

Time to hit the road 

And no, I don’t know when I'm to come back. I'm too busy taking life to the next level. It's me and Thelma baby.