Magician On A Motorcycle

~Featured Friend Friday~

This is Niko. Formally (and still) known as the Magician on a Motorcycle. This is the guy, the first busking friend I had in Seattle. One day when I was running down on the waterfront, I saw a rope outlining his performance, so I stopped to watch his act. He was charming with his audience, had a good smile, and pulled a wine bottle out of his shoe. Why wouldn’t I talk to him?

We both chatted and the next time we met up, he had strolled me into the Local Color at the Pike Place Market. This is where the magic began to unfold in my life. This is where the locals hung out, including the buskers and vendors, and people of community. I wanted to be in with the cool kids, I wanted a sense of community. I lived so close, I tasted it. I never had a real sense of community growing up, so I was craving such a thing in my life. Niko soon left back to New Orleans (another place buskers flock to for the winter to perform) but I kept up with his adventures from his social media, and we kept in touch with a few message here and there. He just came back from Europe, traveling around and trading his street performances for pedestrian’s time and tips. I am so thankful to have spent some time with Niko, in the little time we have, he has influenced me in many small ways. 

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