|| Enchanted Forest Gathering ||

Right off the 101 is a land called Black Oak Ranch. This is a place where Oak trees and the Grateful Dead have common ground. It's was filled with many familiar faces from many other festivals. Each time I attend a festival, there seems to be one thing that stands out from the rest, and EFG is one that focuses on being a family-friendly and non alcohol event, that being said "Get saucy, not sauced" held importance to EFG and the attendees.

 - Sensible reason -

-"Traveling to Black Oak Ranch in Laytonville, California for Enchanted Forest is something magical all on its own. Driving through kitsch towns and towering trees has a real “American road trip” quality to it and pulling directly off of highway 101 to enter the venue is almost hilarious. Can you imagine seeing a festival going on right off of the highway and a bunch of festival kids driving their packed-to-the-brim and dust-covered vans and cars straight into the shenanigans? It’s a sight to be seen."--