Couch Surfing The West Coast

While iv'e been traveling on the road for the past year a half, I have lived in delight when spending time with the people who open up their home and share collective company with me.

Eugene, Oregon

I met a family whom I adore, and they are soooo Eugene. A family of hippies, who gather around with friends and each other for game night. Joints, wine, and loads of instruments for a jam session in front of the wooden fireplace. I only wish to one day live in the back yard in the mother in law house, which used to be an art studio.

Yuba City, CA

A few months ago I ended up meeting up with one of my uncles in Sacramento, along with meeting his wonderful and gorgeous spirited lady, Dolores. She invited me to come stay at her house in Yuba City whenever I was nearby, and this time I had to pay her a visit!

I am always so grateful for the people who open up there homes to me. The company and creativity is what I crave, and anyone that invites me in gives me that pleasure.