California Dreamin

Santa Barbara

Back in March 2015 I stepped onto the soil of Santa Barbara for the first time, and it was magical. I went into the mountains to shoot for Lucidity - Kindred Quest. The week I spend there I had made a few more friends, and kept in contact. 

I was invited to come join in on a beach hangout by Edward Clynes, another photog in the festival scene. The view at Arroyo Burro Beach was beautiful, but it was some of the people whom I spent that sunset with, who made the atmosphere as beautiful as the scenery was.

-- Edward Clynes Photography ---

||Photography ||

Another person I kept in contact with was John. While I was running around the festival providing an awesome interaction with my camera and I, I kept bumping into John when he was working and playing all around the Pyro Bar.

If you have never heard of the Pyro Bar - well think of it like this. A art car dedicated to offering a good time. Okay, that is vague I know.

It's a truck bed made into a mini bar, offering a place to sit on bar stools that hang off the edge. A ladder that leads to the roof, with free range of use to get to the top, where sits a space that is open to anyone who enjoys lounging on soft padding, pillows, and people. 

This was were I had experienced many comforting cuddle puddles at sunset. I even fell asleep at one point with many people joining in, and creating space for more people.

It gets cold out there, especially because we are in the SB mountains. That is where the pyro comes out. With a push of a button, fire shoots outward from the top of the crane. That sliver of warmth happens so fast that it feels like a tease. I spent all my sunsets ontop the Pyro Bar. 

This time in Santa Barbara, I spent time with John and his friends, when there was the NFL playoffs to be watched, a restaurant to be kicked out of, and in between all that, I ran on the beach.

To my displeasure I counted 8 dead birds while running on the sand.

It was such a good time seeing John again, even without the crazy face do that he got rid of (for good reasons though)

San Luis Obispo


A few months back I was contacted by Trevor through the inter-webs. Trevor had invited me to join in on a acro yoga class that he teaches in San Luis Obispo. I told him when I was next in town, id be happy to do so. A few months later, here we were. 

Trevor is living in what is considered the happiest place to live in America.

San Francisco

The Bay Area. One of my favorite places to be engulfed in. When I was younger I remember thinking about San Francisco, and what it was going to be all about. I feel blessed to know a lot of good people in the Bay Area, especially one of my newest friends, Dace, who gave me a place to crash while I was passing though the city.

I am so blessed to have friends from all over the world, who want to take me in their homes, to spend quality time with me when I come passing through town. I hold these people close to my heart and feel a great sense of community when I think of their friendship.Shout out and special thanks to my friend Dace. What a pleasant time it was.

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Somewhere In Southern Oregon

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