|| Burning Man 2016 ||


This is not going to be a blog post about how Burning Man changed my life in the most uplifting spiritual way. Simply because if you know someone who went, you most likely have already heard about the magic that surrounds the Desert in Black Rock City. It's there, and you will have to find it on your own. This is from my experience alone.

The place where all festival goers have told me (many of times) to go. A place that would changed me once I arrived. Burning Man. I finally have popped my cherry to one of the most world famous festivals on this planet. This was an exciting thing to check off of the bucket list.

These last few years as a festival photographer I have found it to be rewarding to capture the builds and hard work of a beautiful event going up in its glory. With the builders who work together with the ability to intertwine a creative passion into art piece. With the different aspects to soon to be appreciated by many who come to get away, who come to be themselves and to enjoy the art that has been build up around them. Its a sight to see and a gratuitous action to witness.

A literal city was being built in front of me, which was mind blowing. Then I realized for a week this was not going to stop. As soon as something went up one day, it felt like it was being burned down the next. The FEAR OF MISSING OUT haunted me, knowing that things were constantly being changed, and I wasn't going to be able to see and capture everything in its glory.

At Burning Man, my mind at times felt like its was on a long roller coaster ride, where one cannot just get off when ever it wanted. It kept running and running and running. Although, then a realization comes through, this is BURNING MAN> a place where radical self reliance is a huge thing. Taking care of yourself, in the desert, is a huge thing!

Everyone had a piece of them to share. If that meant by gifting homemade pieces in costume form, or to be a part of a team; by building an art installation or helping out with camp set up and tear down. Everyone had something to bring to the table.

Burning man gave me lessons. These lessons are the ones I am still trying to grasp onto. Lessons I will need to keep to myself for awhile, so I can understand them over time. They are right to say experience Burning Man. It's something that cannot be totally explained, but better off expressed.

Raised By Wolves

The Temple

A space that allows many emotions to overlap in many different ways. Some of those who were in grievance of a loved one, could also hear the joy of two lives being brought together right outside the temple.