Traveled Companions

Once upon a time there was a guy named Chuck, and Chuck went on to have amazing adventures. One of these adventures lead him to meet a friend from Australia, named Denzyl, and after Chuck and Denzyl met in Honduras, they traveled to Guatemala together, months later they were some of the best of friends.

I had only heard of these stories through Chuck, and seen photos of this Denzyl dude through facebook. The exact photos above where the ones I had seen of these two, under an album called "Seattle Dump" 

In Seattle, at the Pike Place Market, there are 10 million people who stroll through the nooks and crannies each year, so that chances of bumping into anyone other than a busker I know, is quite low. I would think anyway…

One day last April I was at the market, doing work on my computer at my home coffee shop, the local color. A place that is on the strip of the market, but mainly because the “first Starbucks” (not trying to pop anyone’s bubble, but it’s technically not the first) is on the same strip and just a few shops down, it’s not as hectic as other spots. I saw a shadow walk in and approach my high top table, and then looked up. A guy looked puzzled, and pointed to the back of my laptop. Pointing to one of my stickers, he says “This is a good sign”, then another “Chuck Manley”, then to my camera and back at me almost in one motion, “Brie….”, and almost in unison, we both said “You’re Chucks friend”. 

Anyway… the chances of ever meeting Denzyl, I would think would be through Chuck, if ever. I mean, we all travel a lot.... 

Now, as cool as it was, it was almost a little freaky, and a bit mind blowing. We knew that a photo was in order, and Chuck was the person who was going to get a big smile from it.

Denzyl and I spent a few days hanging out and forming a friendship of our own before we were both back on our travels. Denzyl had a few Aussie friends in town and invited me to go on a Boeing tour. Funny thing is, the Boeing tour is in my hometown and I never thought if would be that interesting, so I never went. Good thing I learned that I was right. If it weren't for the best tour guide you'd ever seen, a over the top civil war reenactment theater geek with mutton chops, then yes, it would be been as boring as the factory walk was. Advice - go drunk, you have to leave your phone and camera behind as the strict rules state. After the tour we all ate pho and explored the local wal-mart, because that is what Americans do. 

Fast forward to now, June 2015 to be specific. Chuck and I were headed to DC, and Denzyl happened to be in town, while we were parking in the parking lot, I got this message from Denzyl ---> 

Denzyl had been in DC for 3 weeks, and for that reason he was our designated tour guide for the day. My heart was smiling when I saw these two give one another a hug for the first time in a few years. 

As soon and hugs were exchanged, we headed to what I assume was downtown from the train and did the touristy things that tourist do.

White House – Check

National Monument – Check

Reflection Pool – Check

Lincoln Memorial – Check

Vietnam War Memorial - Check

Hit up one bar before saying our goodbyes – Check

DC for the win.