East Coast Trippin

I gotta say, from the moment I left San Francisco till about now, has been one hectic trip. Not to hectic in a negative light, but just as in…. busy.

I arrived in Orlando, feeling drained from the 16 hours it took me to drive to Seattle from the bay. Along with Thelma breaking down a few hours after I picked up a rideshare. Long story short with that – she is fine, and made it back to my parents house the night before my flight.

I go on the plane exhausted, and had no sleep the entire way across the country. I walked outside of the airport doors, and my hair stuck straight out as if electricity was flying through my body. I booked an Air BNB on my 4 minute layover. I never have used Air BNB, because couch surfing seems like the way to go, but this time I didn’t have it in me to be entertained, or to be entertaining, I just wanted somewhere to sleep. This air BNB was a hotel room… which was odd. I guess the manager of the hotel puts the booked, empty hotel rooms up on AIR BNB, hoping to get someone last minute. Luckily, I was that last minute person for the night.

The next day my friend Chuck picked me up, we were both in town for work. We last saw each other in San Francisco, were we worked on the tour he was running. The premise of me being in Orlando was to work for this company again.

To be honest, most of Orlando was boring. Theme parks that included water, rides, and one that even included Jesus (See on Religulous with Bill Maher), took up the land. Working in the humid heat was shitty, but… we all pulled through and I didn't get heat stroke. Id say the coolest part of Orlando was the sunsets, but don't take that literally, because that humid heat still stirred up tropical rain storms in the evening.

We stayed at a resort through the company, and it was so big that I didn't want to spend my energy after work walking around the huge place. Instead I spent it watching sunsets on the porch. When the thunderstorms came through, so did a little tree fog. We named him Pete the guard frog, because he always came out when the tropical storms arrived.

Once we were done with work in Orlando, it was time to road trip up the east coast, where the last event was to take place NYC. We only had 2 days to do it, so there was not much to stop and see on the way. We stopped for a free sample of fresh orange juice, had a bite of gator jerky, and after around 80 miles and 50 billboards later we had to check out "South of the Border", which is described as America's favorite highway oasis & gateway to the southeast. It had a huge tower that was closed for the day, and Mexican statues of the mascot – Pedro.

It was dark and late by the time we decided that North Carolina was the first stop for sleep.

We headed out early the next morning from that lonely hotel on the side of the highway, ate some free hotel breakfast, and continued on our way, next destination D.C.