~ Amtrak Maniacs~

It feels a little strange to be in a container with people who want to stick to themselves, other than the weird dude on the train who wouldn't quit staring at me.

He sat at my table, with maximum staring, and no conversation. He asked me if I wanted to smoke, I informed him that no I didn't want to smoke, and it wasn’t allowed on the train. He leaves, I move my stuff to another table. Weird dude comes back and moves his stuff to the table I am at. He smells like cigarettes.

He then tries to gift me a necklace, I refuse. He gets up again, I wrangle in two people I had a few conversations with during my train ride from the night before. Asking them if they both could sit next to me for a bit. The older lady named Sage, and a younger guy name Austin sit with me at my table while weird dude sits at another table and stares hard core. 

The conductor gets on the intercom – “I have already announced there is NO smoking aboard the train. I know that there was someone who broke that rule. It is not if we find you, it is when we find you. Have your bags ready to get off with you on the next stop”

It took 10 minutes before the conductor confronted weird dude. He then asked him for his ID and ticket, weird dude didn’t have either. The conductor scolded him, and told him that he would let him out right there, but then weird dude would be eaten by the bears in the mountains we were rolling through. The conductor then left him to be.

Weird guy stands up from his table a few minutes after the conductor leaves, and he walks past my table and says “FUCKER” to Austin, the guy I had asked to sit with me. The train has now started to go under tunnels, and once we approach another one, weird dudes gets up from his table and sits right across from me and Austin. Weird dude folds his hands, and stares intently into the other guys eyes for a good 5 seconds, and says nothing.

Nobody else can see this because we are in a tunnel, and the only light source is coming from my laptop. I immediately thought weird dude was going to shank Austin. I was initially afraid of my safety, but now I was afraid for Austin, and would have felt terrible if he got hurt.

I then throw my hand up in weird dudes face and yell “YOU NEED TO GET OUT OF HERE. NOBODY INVITED YOU. YOU ARE NOT EVEN SUPPOSED TO BE ON THIS TRAIN” I was so loud, and this was so everyone in the cart would look our way, just in case he was to pull something funny in the dark tunnel we were in.

After I scolded him, weird dude got up and went to the downstairs cart. He screamed “Call 911!” and the crew kept him down there and away from everyone. His wish came true when we finally pulled up for the first pavement I’d seen in an hour, and a Sheriff officer was waiting for him in some hobunk town.

The life of Brie never seems to be dull.