Utah ---- > Denver Colorado

People have started to ask me “Where do you live?”, after I tell them I am traveling. {Which is pretty ironic} but, my usual responses “I am originally from Seattle, but my home is the road”

Getting back on the road from Rainbow was a mission itself. My muffler had broken off from all the gravel roads and mountain passes up and down the national forest of Uinta. The universe was on my side when I figured my muffler had fallen off while we rolled right outside of an auto shop. The mechanic and his son were on their way of closing up shop when we came along. With some pleads of pleases and thank yous, the duo helped us out with a cheap fix, and welded the muffler back on, and we were on our merry way to Denver Colorado.

We stopped in Steamboat Colorado to go to the Strawberry Hot springs, {highly recommended} and got a bit cleaned off. I had never felt as dirty as I did moments before dipping into the springs. I was crusted with dirt, head to toe, in and out all crevasses on my body. It was so nice to feel the layers of dirt drip off me. After spending a night in a campground, we were back on the road to Denver. 

Once we arrived, we had some car problems with Thelma’s passenger window. She sucked it up and the window started working her motor magic again.

I was in Denver on the day that Seattle opened its pot shop up to the public, so what the heck, why not get a legal joint here in Denver – spoiler alert, it was overly expensive, and 6 hour powerful.

We got to explore a bit of Denver with our host – a friend of a friend who is now a friend –Eric!

We went to go eat at City O City, I met up with an old friend of mine who happened to be in Denver at the same time. We checked out REI, which is second best from the REI in Seattle. Enormous and filled with expensive awesome practical gadgets.  

Denver had other territory's to explore, and busking to be done on 16th street mall. I ventured into Old Town and made my way into a music store. I went into a Herbs and Art shop, and explored my way into a few coffee shops.

After a few days, Eric was to leave and we said our goodbyes. He had adventures to go on, as did we. 

Our next hosts house was someone that Chuck knew from Couch Surfing, he offered his extra room in his house, his kitchen for us to use, and an invite to the Red Rocks amphitheater. We went to go tailgate with them, and hoping in the meantime we could score us a few tickets to get inside to see Old Crow medicine show. 

Chuck made a sign that said "Need Tix", and before he was done, and I was on the back of Thelma with the Good Sign, I was given two tickets by an awesome stranger. "My friend isn't able to make it, but I know that this IS a Good Sign", I gave her some little Good signs, for her and her friend, and after three attempts to get into the show, we finally made it in. 

Denied entry for

1. No changeable Lenses allowed

Ran back to the car

2. Forgot the tickets

Chuck ran back to the car

3. Finally made it in, after being drenched in the rain storm, with no camera, and the gifted tickets. Our plan we to good sign as much as we could through the audience. 

Two major things that happened before we left Denver. Chuck got a hair cut, and Thelma broke down, but got fixed up on the free side. No more beard for Chuck, and no more heater core for Thelma. All in all, Denver is awesome. 

We spent some time in Gypsum, Eagle and Vail Colorado.

Until the next post....

But, here is a sneak peak!