Trip to the Soul

DO ME. Be Adventurous, take "Risks", be vulnerable at times, be overjoyed at others. Do something that scares me everyday (including this personal picture below) , and just keep going. 

This trip to Michigan was something I knew I needed, desperately needed. To be honest, I have been giving myself excuse after excuse to postpone my trip. I knew just being around some of the best people that have accumulated into my life, would help me get back into my mindset of dreams and fulfillment.


I was fortunately able to stay with 6’7 Kevin- he lives in Ferndale and kindly and openly offered his home to me. I was able to see Chuck, who had got back from India a few weeks back. Both of these gents have been friends for the past couple of years, from growing up in the same area, working in the same industry, and have mutual friends. I had met both of them, separate from each other, in different states, walking the streets.

A few weeks ago I got a call from India, and it was Chuck. I brought up to him that I met this guy name Kevin Lamb who is a part of the good sign movement, and he was from the Detroit area. Chuck responded "Ohhh You met Kevin". With a grin on my face, I said something along the lines of "How did I know this was highly possible?" They both remind people about ambition, love, and passion.

So, my opportunity to come to Detroit now became clear. I needed answers, and maybe I wouldn’t find them, but maybe I could  hope to feel inspired. I booked a ticket, Kevin offered me his place in Ferndale to stay, and I had a beautiful time everywhere I went. 


The city of Ferndale is actually about a 30 minute car ride away from Downtown Detroit. I was told it was a newish area for gays to come and feel as gay as they are, accepted and appreciated. I was there in time for Ferndale Pride, which is on a street called Nile Mile. A location close to Eight Mile. 

If anyone has noticed, the first thing I haven't put up are pictures of abandon buildings (just wait though...its coming) I did want to make a point that when I told people I was going to Detroit, the most common response was "Why?, Whats there"? and my usual response was, "Good people I know, Stories, and adventure."

What I realized now with my response, is that everywhere ahead of me, behind me, next to me, its just like anywhere else. Its my mind I have to carry with me, and what I am going to make of it. I knew barely anything about Detroit before I came for a visit, and I came out of there feeling like I got a grand tour of culture. 

Coming from the West coast, I realized how different people where from that part of the continent. With a culture of people living in slum like neighborhoods and there hasn't been help, but just abandonment, it makes for a greater deal of sticking together with the community.


This man above stopped us and invited us over to take photos of his community garden that he was super happy he was able to contribute to his community, and let us know we were more than welcome to wander over to it. 

All the buildings had character and uniqueness. I felt like I could feel the look back from when these buildings {abandoned or functional} were first built. 

Adventures in Metro Detroit

Detorit Air BNB- BEST SPOT EVER- Going back. 

I had a ton of fun with everything in Detroit. So next time someone asks me, what is there, I should just tell them to go check it out. -So go check it out.

Nathans Air BNB

Slows in Corktown


{ Some of something I wrote on my trip }

It’s the last day of May for the year, and I am sitting in a coffee shop (Surprised?) in Detroit. Actually to be technical it’s in Ferndale Michigan. I sit here on the other side of the country, far from “home”, alone, but not lonely. I have my cold medium chai to keep me company.

I have taken time these last few weeks to drop the things that have been negative in my life. I will have to cut my losses and move forward from the opportunity that hang in the air right before me. When will it be time to cut that opportunity at my own will? Fear is not what drives me, because its fear that has consumed me.  Not knowing what I would do without a place to hide out in when I need my alone time. 

I want to travel, be on the road, take photos and video, document, get caught up in strangers' stories, and continue along my path, but things in my life have just been adding up to stress. This stress is distracting me from being involved with my happiness and trying to find a way to live up to my dreams.

I mean, I guess I shouldn't be too hard on myself. I finally took my first plane ride, and I am across the country visiting some very amazing people who have come into my life, and who have changed me for the better. I needed that fuel to my fire again. I need this. 

Whats Next?

I am going to be going along for my adventure in the very short near future. I plan on taking rideshares in Thelma, down the West Coast, to help out with The Good Sign movement. I am going to spread the word of Good Sign with adventure in my mirrors, en route to the destination of L.A for more Good Sign celebration. This project is something I have needed. I want to focus on the now, and how I can feel content in just being

Its cruntch time