{The Big} Travel Plan Update

This is a much needed update about my travel plans for my project ahead.

First off, I want to thank every single person who has contributed to my fund raising campaign. I got close to my first goal ($650 out of my first $1,000 goal) When you contribute, donate, {Okay, lets be real,} give me your own money, it means a lot of something. This is something that you have earned for yourself, and putting it towards me and my dreams, you are giving me a proud sense of audacity. This just means I have a huge amount of my energy to give back to you. The project I will be doing while on the road is going to be credited to you. Not only does the money show support, but it’s the gesture of your words and actions that show me that I am doing something right with my life and I have good people backing me up. 


The day I have decided to leave is a year from now. I don’t have the exact date, but that will be determined in the next few weeks. Somewhere close to June 2015. 

I have been given a really great opportunity with a year housing program. I will be able to save a lot of my money, put it away for my trip, and pay off some debts. This is a period in my life where I will be able to get out of the downtown area of Seattle, and relax on the outskirts of this Beautiful city that I have been able to reside in for the past 5 years.

I can’t even believe I have been in Seattle for 5 years now. From graduating high school in 09, and leaving my hometown, life has only gotten better. I have grown so much from that time.

In these past 5 years that have fallen behind me, I have been at some of my all-time lows, which has caused me to develop and form into significant human being for myself. To my all time highs. I have ripened relationships with the people who have given me indelible encouragement that have only driven me forward, to becoming a better me.

2009                            2010                           2011

                Graduation                               Vancouver, B.C                            Seattle Arboretum  

2012                            2013                           NOW

              San Diego, CA                             Seattle, WA                                     Austin, TX

I have pushed away things in my life that I can see get me upset. Examples: News, Reality TV (I actually don’t even own a T.V), Negative Nancys, ect… --Things are toxic and oppressive, and I am so glad to have limited them from my time. I don’t think on what to limit myself on much anymore, because I embrace all the positive things, I don’t even have the time to focus on what to not want out of my life.

In the opposite direction, I have developed time for things I love, and from that, I have grown with more skill. Examples: Photography, Editing, Music, Positive People, Solution Solvers, Writing, Passion, Love and Laughter.

I spend my life not thinking of time, or money, but with energy.

You may be wondering, what is this Road Trip across America going to entail?


 will be going on the road documenting for my first big film project. I will be collecting stories about the different ways you can travel, with stories of other travelers, the places I go, and where I lay my head that night. Rideshares, Couch Surfing, Hitch Hiking, Hostels, Train Hopping, ect…

I will be collecting stories of the travelers I cross pass with. I will be publishing my Photographs into a book when I get back as well.

I will be posting up another campaign in the near future, and there you will find a perk button if you contribute to my site, this will get you your own copy of the book

If you contribute to a certain amount, your name/photograph will be featured on a contributions page in the book.

So, before my adventure beings, I am taking this year to develop skills in photography and shooting video. I am taking time to relax in my own abode before leaving for the “Big trip”, but of course I will be traveling still. My job allows me to travel, so with that, there will be plenty of places I will see and discover and document about in the meantime.

Happy Travels. I love you all. 

- Miss Brie'