Reminiscing the City Life

Queen Anne (Facing West), Seattle, Wa

Right now its 10:02 A.m. on May 5th 2014, and it’s a Monday.

My internal alarm clock wakes me up at 10 A.m. on most days, but today I have yet to get out bed and do my usual morning routine. Get up, brush my teeth, brush my hair, dilly dally for about 10 minutes, yadda yadda yadda.

Routine is making a habit of itself again, and I have to change it. I have decided to write.

I wake up with my two bayish windows in front of me. The windows are as old as this building. Fragile, and not noise reducing. The Colombia tower takes over most of the left pane, and to the right pane, another tall building, in which I don’t have a name of. I remember looking out these windows when I first moved into the corner apartment.

After I just got all by belongings (Which wasn’t much) into my space, I sat down on the ground and felt grateful for my own place and space. This is a place where I could come to and just be with myself and do my own thing. It is now 9 months later and I have a different look on things, because change is unavoidable in life.

When I moved in, I didn't realize a lot of what I do know now about this corner apartment in the city. One I didn't think of off the bat - 4th ave is the busiest street in all of downtown. I have grown to love this city more and more, and in different ways. I enjoy the fact that I can walk everywhere, and despite what people tend to believe here the Seattle Freeze isn't involved with my life because I get into really meaningful conversations in busy places. I also have learned that I need some down time from it. (Hence why I take my traveling sprees)

In the beginning, I learned so much about myself. I picked up my guitar more, I wrote a lot, I read a few books. It was a great time for “me” time. It was also summer, and it was beautiful out. My place had such good natural lighting into my room from the long days of sun. Every morning felt like a fresh day, where the worries of yesterday were gone and never to return. 

As time passed, and summer faded away and winter started to arrive, this place that I had gotten used to (like a routine) became more like a den. This was a place where I couldn’t invite anyone over when I felt a little lonely, from spending too much time alone, to too much time away. My space no longer filled with sun, but with gloom and the chill that arrived with the wind and rain, and now that I could feel the shadows of Seattle. I now was more aware of the blaring sirens that flew down 4th Ave.

I needed more "vacations". 

Seattle Waterfront "The Great Wheel"

Fast forward to today -  I am excited to be getting my own place on the outskirts of the city. My actual own place where I can do whatever I want, invite whomever I want, kick out whomever I want, and the best part- I hope to bring the sirens down to at least once a day, instead of multiple times a day. 

This is a next step for me. I will be in my own space for a year. That is long enough for me to get into a groove, and then look for something more. 

Even though I am antsy to get out of this building, street, and inner city, I will miss some things about

this place.