The Julia to my Julie

The other day, I watched a movie (RARE)

As I have been traveling I just don't have the time to pull up my laptop and watch something 2 hours long, but because I have become comfortable in my space, I seemed to have the notion to just leave the movie on. Leave it be, let it play. Julie and Julia, what I was gathering was about an An inspired young women, who found that she wanted to follow a passion of cooking, because of Julia Child's, the world renown cook.At first, I didn't pay full attention to it, as I was doing other things in between.

I began to watch more of it, give it some of my attention as the movie progressed. I started to realize that I had the same feelings as Julie, towards Julia. When Julie felt a fondess towards Julia's life, journey, and advice I realize that is how I feel about Elizabeth Gilbert.

Best known for, (but not only known for) her book, Eat Pray, Love. You may have heard of it. Funny thing is, I bought "Eat, Pray Love", and then I put it down. I didn't find it interesting in the beginning. This was until my aunt mentioned it, and said that I would love it, to pick it up again.  So I did, and I got through the parts I felt were a little bore. I started putting more together then just the book. I found some videos - that really made me like her outlook. I started to feel what the journey meant for her, not just what was being said in the book.

VIDEOS That made me REALLY think

It is because of Elizabeth Gilbert, that I do what I do. I travel, I give myself mini quests for the day, and try to remember that all situations and every given day comes with learning. I even try to find myself thinking “What would Liz do?”, “What advice could Liz give me in this situation?”

Just like Julie feels like she is cooking for Julia, I feel as I am writing to Liz. It's kinda weird to even type that down.

The ending was actually really sad. It made me cry.

In the movie I started to wonder about if Julia Child ever got to meet Julie. The movie aired in 2005, and Julia Child died in 2006. I thought Julie had boldness into cooking multiple recipes ever day, for a whole a year, from Julia's recipe book. AND - thanked her for everything, even though Julia didn't know she even existed. 

The movie ended very sadly, with Julie getting multiple phone calls from different agents with different deals, from books, to a tv series, to a movie - ahhhmm - That Julie was over the moon with how she accomplished something, and its become noticed. This was until she got a phone call about what Julia Child's actually thought of her accomplishments.

'I don't think she's a serious cook.' ... Flinging around four-letter words when cooking isn't attractive, to me or Julia,” & "She didn't want to endorse it. What came through on the blog was somebody who was doing it almost for the sake of a stunt."

When that part happened, my heart fell to the floor. I just started to cry at this thought – The thought that someone is SO inspired by a journey of another, so much that that they make life changing decisions, to becoming the best version of them they can be, and there inspiration just crushes them. It makes me tear up even now. BUT, its also probably something that Julie is going to learn from, or can learn from.

The first writing of hers I ever saw, was in her book, given to me by my aunt. The first writing she ever saw of mine – was on her facebook page – where I gave her praise for being my mentor in life, and she responded “God bless you”. Somethings are just too cool, and that was definitely one of them. 

I feel so blessed to even be in a day and age, where Elizabeth might have the chance to see my writing. I don't have to figure out where she is, to send a message her way. I don't have to hope she will find my writing in her emails years from now. We have technology, that allows us to connect with someone, even if they are across the globe.

One day I hope to meet Elizabeth Gilbert in person, and not just a “will you sign my book” meet. A real, conversation piece would unfold, and we become best friends – Yeah.... that type of meet. At least that what my brain fantasizes will happen one day. 

And to this day, I still have never seen the movie with yet another Julia - Julia Roberts in Eat, Pray Love.