Project Reflections & Intentions 

August 2019 || Week 21

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August 5th 2019

Day 129 / 365 || Week 21


I took a break this week from photography and did some more focusing on a video I am making for one of my clients. She is rad, talented, energetic, and is running her bowling business like a real pro. She is also a pro bowler and before meeting her I know nothing about pro bowling. I am feeling really grateful for having other amazing people I know in the media realm connect me with to such opportunities. This was a video I really loved creating because it showed the passion, drive, and being a lady boss.

August 6th 2019

Day 130 / 365 || Week 21

Like I said in my previous post, this week hasn’t been my best photo week. I barely have had time to capture anything good, so I have reverted back to some old stills that I had taken in the past. Sometimes it’s good to look back, think of my time spent with my camera, with the people I have shot, and the times we have spent together.

This one is from Dylan, who on August 5th 2015 did some dancing portraits for me. A lot of things that have changed in the last 4 years - he no longer has blue hair, he has only gotten better at dancing, and we both lost a loved one - his grandmother, and a long knowing neighbor of mine who had hired me to capture these memories for her. Sometimes it’s not the photo that sticks out, it’s the memories.


August 7th 2019

Day 131 / 365 || Week 21

Can’t stop, won’t stop.

Okay… no seriously though. I have to stop buying musical instruments before I have nowhere to put them.

August 8th 2019

Day 132 / 365 || Week 21

Hello. Is it me you’re looking for?


August 9th 2019

Day 133 / 365 || Week 21


One more week of sharing experiential marketing experiences with the customers and crowds at this Mercedes Pop up Shop. It’s been real, it’s been fun, and it gets some people really dizzy and some people really pumped. Racing around a track in VR gives people some sort of eye opening experience.

August 10th 2019

Day 134 / 365 || Week 21

And just when I didn’t think I would have any good photos of today… these ones from my phone came out pretty well when put side by side with one another.

August 11th 2019

Day 135 / 365 || Week 21


With every other American you know out out there, I am one of those who has a problem with addiction. Coffee is my calling in the morning. It’s my habitual companion when I NEED to wake up. It’s not about the taste, the aroma, the feeling… it’s about getting my self ahead of my sleep deprived state to get the day going, especially when I know I have a long one ahead of me. When it feels like it’s hit blood and runs through my veins I feel like I just boosted up my levels of what I can soon accomplish.

I know, it’s a cliche, but for real… it’s a problem. If I add up on how much I spend on coffee every month, it ends up being more than the average person who spends money on cigarettes here. Like I said… its a problem.