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August 2019 || Week 20

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August 1st 2019

Day 125 / 365 || Week 20

Flew back home and it came back to familiar weather. Clouds and all.

August 2nd 2019

Day 126 / 365 || Week 20

One year ago me and my ladies took a girls trip to Oregon on August 2nd 2018. From exploring the Terwilliger Hot Springs (also known as Cougar Hot Spring), to renting out an Airbnb in Eugene for photoshoots and eating our way through the best dining spot in Portland (Miss Delta - if you haven’t - go. NO need to explain more) Overall, this trip taught me how to love my friends more, through the thick and thin. We had our ups and our downs at times, but we really rode through it together. No true friendships will go without feeling hurt or unheard from time to time, but if you really care about the people you want to keep in your life you will give them your understanding as they will reflect it back to you with theirs. I really love my friends and I am glad that we can take trips together and learn from one another.

August 3rd 2019

Day 127 / 365 || Week 20

IMG_2863  -  Brie'Ana Breeze Photography & Media - Seattle.jpg

I found out that in the summer time a man name Samuel comes and makes food for anyone who has bought a drink at the Summit Public House in Cap Hill. I found this out because I went on a date there (not with Samuel), and although I don’t want to share too much about it, what I do want to share is that I had a really good, genuine, light hearted good time. There was talk about round 2 date night and I like the possibility of that.

August 4th 2019

Day 128 / 365 || Week 20


4 years ago, on August 4th 2015. In these last 4 years I have been exploring photography and cities all across the world. It’s nice to be be back here, be back home. It’s nice to find a rhythm, even if there is a bit of distraction from the hustle and bustle of the streets of this very busy city. 4 years ago Seattle began to grow even bigger. There wasn’t as many people as there is now. 2015 started to boom right after the Seattle Seahawks won their first Superbowl and there wasn’t as many Amazon buildings and workers here as there are now. It wasn’t quiet as quiet as I am making it sound to be, but it was the beginning of what it has become now.